Wednesday, May 03, 2006

#1 Draft Picks Don't Go For Paris, #10 Draft Picks Do

Matt Leinart, the star QB for USC, who cost himself millions of dollars by staying in school for an extra year instead of entering the 2005 draft, has gone public about his romance with everyone's favorite punchline Paris Hilton.

TAN usually positions himself above and beyond the celeb gossiporium, but I couldn't resist a little jab at the guy who has obviously gone a little crazy after seeing his stock fall and his skills questioned. He's about to be a millionaire regardless, and Paris serves as an obvious quick-fix pick-me-up for Matt's, ummm, Trojan.

Paris & Matt [Las Vegas review-journal]
Matt is Ready For His Closeup [Deadspin]
Yes, That Paris, And That Matt (w/ video) [ohnotheydidnt]

back to what really matters -- TAN & The Bartender


  1. Seriously though, just imagine how many STDs Paris has. I guess she's somewhat attractive (although kind bird-lookin' to me), but I wouldn't think it's worth it for the itchy junk.

  2. Anonymous5/04/2006

    Oh, what I wouldn't do to see her start dating the number one pick. Fuck it, any of the picks who are darker than blue.
    The shitstorm and handwringing would be wonderful. And the tape? Epic.
    Does she not suffer, as all do, from a bit of the Fever?


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