Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Of Naked Cowboys & Crackheads

So I dropped by my pops studio today to talk to him briefly about a project, and who was in the studio cutting some tracks?? No, not Jay-Z. No, not The Strokes either. Close ... but this artist was none other than The Naked Cowboy.

And yes, The Naked Cowboy is in the wikipedia.

What's interesting is that The Naked Cowboy puts on clothes when going in the vocal booth to lay vocals. But takes them off when he is preparing to leave. I believe he is the first person I've encountered who has disrobed and clothed themselves in such a counterintuitive fashion - putting them on when isolated, taking them off when in public.

As a bonus treat, I also saw and heard some crack-headish looking guy singing "No Delayin' by Nice & Smooth at the top of his lungs on the street:
"kickin' wicked rhymes like a fortune teller / had a dog by the name of old yeller / old yeller had a fiendish plot / schemed and dreamed for me to make a knot / ever since then booties clock me like Big Ben ..."
I don't know if it's funnier to be familiar with the song and know the lyrics, or to have no idea and just see some crack-headish looking guy exclaiming about old yeller and fiendish plots.

ok. that is all. as you were ...


  1. Omigod, the Naked Cowboy is a mess!

    I refuse to explain him to tourists when I'm in Times Square - I just keep walking! (Except that time I snapped a pic or two for these nice giggling ladies from Tennessee. Hilarious...

  2. Is a picture of a dude in bikini undies and a cowboy hat supposed to distract us from wanting Part V of TBM saga??

  3. Well if all fails with the book and your rapping, you can become the naked negro in times square.

  4. the nakd cowboy is cool as shit...i talked to him once and he is hilarious!

  5. I used to work down the street from him. I've seen him get all diva-like and wig out on tourists who ask for his picture. Doesn't happen often, but when it does it's really awkward.

    Can't believe he hasn't gotten a reality show yet.

  6. Well if all fails with the book and your rapping, you can become the naked negro in times square.

    Um, no he can't. We don't want TAN getting carted off to jail again...

  7. Daniel Clowes, the genius behind Art School Confidential, also raggs on Urban Attention Seekers in one of his comics. "Naked" Cowboy (he is not) is a douchebag extraordinaire in line with David Blaine. I hate people who get their sole income from fleecinig tourists. You don't see "Naked" Cowboy on 30th street between Second and Third. No. I hate that people come to this country and go to Times Square and see "Naked" Cowboy and think they've experienced New York, much less America. I live in San Francisco and sometimes when I go to Union Square there's this OLD guy who dresses up like Charlie Chaplin and hangs out at this expensive restaurant not unlike the Roxy in Times Square. It fills me with anger. I hate. I hate people who come to San Francisco and only go to Union Square and Fishermans Wharf and eat at "diners" with old posters of James Dean on the walls. Douchebags!!!

  8. I'm sorry but I'll take the Times Square tourists gawking at Naked Cowboy over the self-important hipster douches that run around the LES and Williamsburg. At least the tourists shower.


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