Friday, December 08, 2006

Keep Messing Around And We're Gonna Start Making Sushi ... Actually, No We Won't, But Still, Stop OK?

I was sent this story on the Double Dutch Holiday Classics, apparently Japanese teams has won Best In Show eight of the past ten years.

Now I haven't been the most steadfast defender of appropriation of our culture. In fact those who do any looking around here, may find I have done more to provoke appropriation of our music and our neighborhoods, than to fight it.

But not the Double Dutch. I thought that would be ours forever. It's such an innocuous little niche we took over, who would think to impinge on our jump rope domination? Who else, but the Japanese. They like taking over sh*t you don't really think about, like hot dog eating, and um, technology. I bet their ropes all have smart chips and ish. This is like a Pearl Harbor situation flying below the radar here. Contact your congressman. And all you little negro boys and girls, step your Double Dutch game up. This is not a joke.

Ok, it is. But you should still reach out to your congressman.

Think Of People Playing Double Dutch, Now Make Them Japanese. [NYTimes Video]
(thanks Ali Z for the link)


  1. Don't sleep -- it's not just African-American culture that the Japanese are champions at appropriating. A few years ago, a Japanese woman was crowned Dancehall Queen in Jamaica.

  2. Ain't this a BITCH?!

  3. Anonymous12/08/2006

    Dancehall Queen? that is ridiculous. TAN you may have to put that up on the board also.

    everyone was impressive in the video though.

  4. Funny. The double dutchers were entertaining.

    I prefer the cookies though.

  5. I didn't see any fat kids anyway; of any colour ;¬]

    Wondered if you'd seen this?

  6. Caught the little Negro children sleeping...

  7. encantada - that is crazy. I didn't know ish was this deep.

    jae - we gonna start practing our dutch skills?

    anon - maybe, i think i need one more report to put up another post. Like the Japanese have also decided to eat up all the fried chicken or something.

    choatey - good call on the cookies. delicious.

    twit - that was funny. I might link that one.

    mist - why do I suspect you're responsible for all of this.

  8. The Japanese, you knew they were going to eventually become contenders. But the Belgians. Losing them will be the end.

  9. "who would think to impinge on our jump rope domination?"


  10. ozma - agreed. seppuku will be in order when belgians dominate basketball and hip hop.

    makkada - indeed, indeed...


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