Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Why The F*ck You Want Me To Rap About Dinosaurs?"

In this clip we have GZA, of the Wu, screaming on someone in the crowd who asks him to "rap about a "dinosaur." This is some funny ish for any emcee who's been on stage trying to do their material, and have had people in the crowd yelling at you to freestyle about ish. Like that's all an emcee with a mic is good for. GZA sets em straight. Obviously some hot off-the-dome ish is gonna get a party/show live, but the best emcees are artists, and to only respect the spontaneous is a disrespect to their craft.

Freestyle Vs. Off The Dome


  1. That was right and hilarious. I saw GZA a couple nights ago, and he was so real that I can't imagine anyone asking him to rap about dinosaurs.

    Here's an interview in which he talks about the difference between off-the-head rhymes and freestyling, and off-the-head's overratedness. It's actually a great interview in general.

  2. Holy shit that was an awesome speech. I would pay money just to watch him rant about wack rappers for hours, especially if he laid into that awful, southern drawl monosyllabic crap that's all over the MTV's horribly misnamed "Sucka Free Sundays." Oh, and if he laid into those corny backpack rappers that constantly rap about molecules and "bringing it back to '88." Good stuff.

  3. jim - thanks for the link. good stuff.

    t - word.

  4. This increases my musical crush on GZA ten-fold. Great post and nice link from Jim.

  5. Anonymous12/31/2006

    gza is pure fire

  6. That was wonderful; right on!


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