Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blacked Up

So I was totally going to forward this on to the film director making the mainstream sorta-juvenile sorta-adult-inspirational comedies from a black perspective, cause this sketch is sooo smart, and soooo funny, and, like, obviously the black director is going to be getting backlash about his black Knocked Up and black Superbad films. But then I realized the only black comedic director we have is ....ummmm .... Tyler Perry? sigh.

Seriously, this is funny, but WTF? Can we get someone besides the Wayans to do a black comedy? Why does Judd Apatow have this "Comic Sensibility" on lockdown? I'm sure if we have a summit of all the black comedic talent in America we can come up with the 40-Year Old Black Virgin or Superblack or something. If black is passé, I will accept Asian or Latino or whatever as well. Just give me one friggin' decent alternative. Thanks.

via Wired


  1. I'm sorry, but if white America's entertainment icons are now the hipster douche from the Mac commercials that I want to punch in the face and the beta male slacker geeks that make bitch-ass entertainment like Chuck, Reaper, The Office and the Apatow flicks, I'm pretty glad no black directors are out there to jump on the bandwagon.

    The overgrown manchild slacker aesthetic is one trend the white man can keep for himself. Us black guys don't have to jump on the emasculated hipster bandwagon too.

  2. Anonymous12/31/2007

    amen to that

  3. Yeah, I hear you. Yet, there is something fun, and relatable to these coming of age type stories that are fun, and I do think a story like this with black actors would be fun to watch also, and still have the same audiences.
    Im down for it. Im gonna shoot it. I am sort of a geek like that, so you know, it will work, and I am sure there are other black geeks out there too that would love to see characters like themselves on the big screen.
    Stay Tuned Gang, I'm on a mission


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