Saturday, December 15, 2007

GZA Putting Cornballs On Blast

GZA calling out Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. "Wu-Tang is forever..."

And the follow-up. For clarification all GZA said was, "50 Cent don't got motherf**kin' lyrics" Don't misconstrue it.

via: World Star Hip Hop
Previously on Wu-Tube:
Why The F*ck You Want Me To Rap About A Dinosaur


  1. :: yawn:: i've heard this all before ...

  2. Rounder12/15/2007

    Give the RZA a chance, TAN. Without ODB, the mindless rants are going to fall off for a while.

  3. Souljah boy or however the hell you spell it is an embarassment to hip-hop, but I can't lie: I've enjoyed a few 50 joints in the club...especially "I Get Money."

    Besides, Wutang really squandered their rap supremacy with some lackluster albums in the late 90s. They can't blame others for that.

    But that was a funny ass clip though. Dude in the crowd had me dying.

  4. Great blog! Merry Christmas.

  5. Wu! Tang!

    That a mumble-mouthed motherfucker like 50 can tell everyone that he's basically interested money, not music, and then still get everyone to buy his album by oiling his chest up in videos absolutely disgusts me. 8 Diagrams may have been disappointing, but the Wu legacy is still untouched.


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