Monday, December 24, 2007

Nah Negro: A Crazy Black Man Splits in Brooklyn

Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing. All together now: GIVE US FREE!!!!!!

One can only hope dude got some nuts and a new outfit or two for xmas. And here's hoping the xmas tree in your living room is as wonderfully decorated. Happy Holidays!

photo via: Dlisted


  1. Anonymous12/25/2007

    Ugh. Just dayum. That's completely gross!

    But on the other hand... who does his bikini waxing?

  2. this picture is wrong for so many reasons!!!!!!

  3. TAN-
    Seems the dude is a dancer and choreographer that worked with Beyonce. And uhh...he raps too. And shouts out BK in his rhymes. My mind is officially boggled. Where the hell did he stash his junk?

    His name's Jonte, you can see him choreographing Beyonce here.

  4. Anonymous12/27/2007

    Um, if this is freedom and equality, I'd like to hear what Jim Crow has to offer, thanks.


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