Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And Introducing ... The 'Ghetto' Dakota Fanning

Many say it's not about race, it's about class. To wit:

This is Dakota Fanning.

This is Dakota Fanning on poverty.

Girl Talks Tough on Webcam - Watch more free videos

Any questions?

(Seriously I think these two should do a precocious little girl version of Fight Club. Did I say precocious? I meant precious. But would that not be the greatest movie ever? I guess it could be a remake of Girlz N The Hood also. Dakota could be Cuba. And Lil J could be Ice Cube. Hmmm, I guess they could do anything really. Just get these two in front of the camera and watch the magic happen.)

HT: Lynne


  1. Funny, I read precious before catching it.

    Funny how blog links work. I began on Dispatches from the Culture War, which led me to Balko's blog, where a comment led me here.

    Looks like a dangerous site for a white guy like me to read--I'll have to come back and read some more.

  2. camille2/26/2008

    ummm, check your myspace please

  3. Whoa, that is scary. Povvo Dakota looks like she rides the short bus, if you get my drift.

    TAN, I am very much enjoying your blog, just intro'd to it by a friend of mine.

    Have you done a post on using the N word? Also, what is the deal with you saying stuff like "mmm, white women" in the above post(I'm assuming sarcastically in your case, given the video)?

    PS - To give context to my comments, I am a white woman, recently moved to the States from Australia, where there are people from everywhere, but only, like, 5 are of African descent, so maybe I just don't get it...

  4. That clip is the best EVER. I saw it awhile ago and it makes me laugh everytime.

  5. can someone send me Lil Js mutha-f*cking MySpace page link so I can tell her about herself, ni-GAH? I feel like she's calling me out!!!

    (that video has to be the funniest- and saddest- thing I've seen today!)

  6. Anonymous3/12/2008

    Hil ar ious

  7. You better hope Little J doesn't read this blog or you're in deep shit.

  8. OMG... Going HOARD with Paula DeAnda playing in the background. I can't and I won't.

  9. Goliano7/07/2008

    Lil J's gon' bust a cap in a fool.

  10. Anonymous4/16/2009

    "And if you on a boat, let's go." LOL


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