Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White People Are Like This, White People Are Like That

You won't see two finer paragons of Caucasian Identity than these two pearly-white gems:

1. A pitch-perfect spoof of guilty-white-liberal college kids organizing a Diversity Rally at their school:

The notebook flip @ 2:10 in response to the "brainstorm" is priceless.

2. This website:

Stuff White People Like

It's amusing.

I'm delighted to see caucasian thoroughbreds staring into the abyss and daring to report what they discover about themselves (and with a sense of humor!). Those who we would call the American majority continue to set an occasionally appropriate example for us minori-peeps; I love to laugh at their expense. It's a temporary distraction, like a trip to Vegas put on the credit card, but it does make everything else go down a wee bit easier. Three cheers, YT!


  1. That video was delicious!

  2. Anonymous2/20/2008

    Love that Mos Def is on the list of stuff that white people like. I find he is a good answer for defending hip-hop (if you feel inclined to do so) with elder Blacks as well as mentioning a "rapper guy" that isn't heavily associated with misogyny or violence.

  3. and there's more hilarity--Mos Def is *allegedly a dead-beat dad. But I suppose that's better than being one of those rap guys that gets shot and calls women hos. I'm sure Mos Def would never call a woman a ho. lol. i love it!

  4. But he would star in hipster-dork-culture flicks like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and that possibly not bad Jack Black movie coming out.

  5. but chubbs, that can't be true...he's so "positive"

    yeah, i'm not buying into the mos def image either.


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