Friday, February 29, 2008

How Many Blacks In Jail = One Obama?

So yesterday the NY Times published some statistics on Americans in prison, and the numbers are particularly depressing for blacks. 1 in 15 are in prison, and 1 in 9 (!) between the ages of 20-34.

This is compared to latinos living la vida loca at a 1 in 36 rate. No word on whether whites actually get sent to prison or are simply sentenced to watching The Wire for a few days.

This report raises a constant debate TAN2 and I have about the state of blacks (usually we specify about black men) and whether we're trending up or trending down. In general I feel we're trending up, I point to Obama, more celebrities/rich black people, and the last white girl I slept with as positive signs of our growth. He points to statistics like the ones in this report as an equally effective counter-argument.

In truth I don't think either of us are wrong, but when reasoned this way it brings up a Quality vs. Quantity argument (something I'll probably raise tonight during The White House) and it essentially boils down to a formula: How many blacks in jail = 1 Obama? Or Oprah? Or Jay-Z?

10? 100? 100K? Is Obama priceless? In which case maybe we can just write-off all the imprisoned negroes on our (err, your) AMEX? Will our celebrity negroes serve as beacons of hope that eventually free us all from the system? Or are they red (err, black) herrings, superficial icing on a cake of gloom and doom?

I don't know, but if we can get a bead on that equation I suspect we'll be able to figure out how much weed we need to smoke and alcohol we need to drink to get our mind on our money and our money on our minds.

(I don't know if that last part makes sense, but I'm just ecstatic over not being in prison. Yay!)

1 in 100 Americans in jail [NY Times]


  1. Anonymous2/29/2008

    Really, the answer is none. 1 Obama is not comparable to any number of black in jail, if you look at the other characteristics of the two groups. The black men in jail grow up in poor neighborhoods, barely graduate high school, and don't have college degrees, let alone a law degree from Harvard. The answer is a growing divide within the black community, with the gains of the civil rights movement going to a privileged few while the rest continue to languish behind...

  2. Anonymous2/29/2008

    Yay, not in prison!!

  3. It makes me furious, the injustice of it all. I work with homeless adults, and again and again and again, I see mens' lives ruined because they pled to a felony that anyone with the money for a decent lawyer could have easily gotten out of. Often they don't even do jail time, or minimal jail time, and almost always, the final charge is "felony possession of a controlled substance" or other garbage.

    Our society needs to stop this ridiculous war on drugs and start leveling the playing field a whole lot faster.

  4. agree with gradmommy. even 1 to 1 is too many

  5. Anonymous3/01/2008

    "I point to Obama, more celebrities/rich black people, and the last white girl I slept with as positive signs of our growth..."

    I am not saying your post doesn't have its breezy merits, but
    this is the problem, 1. your view (presumably shared by AN TAN readers) of progress as= bedding any consenting white woman or interviewing her about her compelling virginity while neglecting the educated ladies in your own camp means there are few black families with stability (i.e. men invested in them) and this afflicts even 2. the individual rich black people allowed on television who are indeed black herrings, superficial icing on a cake of gloom and doom the enormous size of which few TAN people notice Everyone else knows that no one knows what to do with the average black guy besides make him into a rapper or an overpaid sports star who could never realize that what he should do is take his paycheck and send himself, wife or hottie and children to boarding school in Switzerland. Everything hinges on what is to become of the un-assimilable black man. If we let him speak his tastes freely like you (MLK's I ain't a n*gg*r tonight!) then we see that blackness is a visual illusion leading to a white v*****a so there are no black people to save.

  6. Anonymous3/20/2008

    The reason people are in prison is because they commit crimes. Black, white, who cares. If I get robbed I'm not going to care if the robber was black or white. I just want him in jail. The black guys in prison are not there by accident, they did something to get there just like the white guys in prison. Shame on you guys for turning this into a race issue. no one forces people to do drugs or commit crimes, color doesn't matter.

  7. Anonymous3/20/2008

    I can understand the inequalities of the poor leading to no education and a life of crime, but that principle also applies to poor whites and hispanics. "The system" only represents the laws created by it's leaders, who mostly happen to be white by population and socio-economics (rich people run for office). No matter who writes them, rule of law must apply. I don't care what color your skin is. If you break the law you should be punished, especially violent crime. African americans need to acknowledge the existance of individual resposibility and the freedon of choice. Rich white people do not make poor black people commit crimes. I concede that the lack of education, single parent homes with absentee fathers, and a failed drug policy greatly contribute to children turning to the streets and consequently prison, but the african american community needs to take responsibility for itself and stop asking for handouts without accountability. I give zero "props" for being a hip-hop clad banger whose down and representin'not snitchin'. That's all complete bullshit! Maybe if african american youth did not idolize a the prison-based culture of gansta rap, more children would have aspirations for something greater than Tupac and thug life. I know art imitates life, but crime is not life.

  8. Anonymous3/21/2008

    the reason blacks are so far behind is because your barometer for success is based on who you last had sex with and celebrities.
    Funny, I think thats the same value system of a 16 year old girl.
    And you wonder why you're not trending up.

  9. Anonymous7/20/2008

    The real reason blacks are so far behind is there barometer for success is watermelon and chicken! Give me a whip a field and 100 blacks and il make them work.

  10. Anonymous8/13/2008

    I typed in Google: "how many black men are in jail" ... and it brought me to this site. I consider this to be a part of my first research project. All I want to know is: 1) Are there any companies out there or programs waiting for the black men being released when their time is up? and if so - who are these companies or names of these programs? 2) Is it possible for us (the people) to legalize drugs for those who need it, want it - full-time, part-time or just enough to be weaned off of it? 3) For you weed heads and sellers - it is possible for me to come up with a plan to create jobs that will provide more money than anyone could make selling drugs...when this happens, will you refer those people to me and will you promise to get on board? 4) IF you HAVE to have drugs - will you make it a priority to contact me so we can do our best efforts to legalize it? IT'S TIME FOR PAYBACK. We KNOW why the drugs end up in our neighborhood (blacks). I see a future of hope - they will leave jail and step into the limelight. The babies will grow up to see clean streets - and our weed heads and sellers will be happy. Time for the police, the crooked legal system and the pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to find another way to make their money. Hit me up with your thoughs - I will continue my research project until everyone in the world see the turnaround - I could give a s--t why black men are in jail at this point. Those who don't belong there will get out - money talks right? Don't care if you're black or white? We'll see...We'll get it (money) - AND when they get out??? and all of the others who DID do crime -- when they get out? Something beautiful will be waiting for you - this is your life - and your life is what you make it. Somebody cares. There's more of us that care than you think...don't matter what the polls or the surveys say...Email me:

  11. Anonymous10/11/2008

    You want to know what the prisons are filled with 80% blacks and why 1-15 blacks are in prison??? ITS FUCKING SIMPLE!!! BLACKS COMMIT MORE FUCKING CRIMES THAN EVERY OTHER NATIONALITY!!!! NO STUPIF CONSIPRACIES, NO RACEISEM INVOVLED!!! You want to get black people out of prison, start spreading the word that doing drugs, pimpin bitches and running the streets is good. How about we write rap sounds where the guy gos to school, gets job and doesn’t get on welfare uh? How about you all start talking about how gangs members are dumb fucks. How about you spread the word that we need to care about others rather than just ourselves and grow a conscience.

    12.7% of the US is black
    80% of the US prison populations are filled with blacks
    1-15 blacks are in prison and are going to prison (This doesn’t count jail and hasn’t been caught yet)
    50% blacks are on welfare!!!!!!


    White, black, tan whatever color you are doesn’t matter, we are all biologically the same and have the same possibilities in life. What is differs is our cultures. Unfortunately being a criminal and living in the geto in black culture is accepted and considered to be the popular and hip lifestyle, this is unacceptable.

  12. Anonymous11/25/2008


    change the background color to non-black on white lettering. It's the worst reading i've ever had to endure. Good article, but jesus christ, my eyes hate you right now.



  13. Anonymous9/12/2009

    I agree with another poster. This is not a race issue. This is more of a class issue. Many of the black men in prison are not innocent victims. They did SOMETHING to be in there.

  14. Anonymous11/29/2009

    Don't count you chickens before they hatch. There are obvious signs of your breed in your words and they show why there are so many blacks in prison. Your comment on the last white girl you slept with...shows it. Blacks are BY FAR responsible for the most rapes and serial raping in this country. The fact highlights the black man's need for immidiate gratification without any thought for his victim...more importantly, it shows the lack of foresight and the potential repurcussions to himself. Black men put themselves in prison everyday due to this "need". When you only live in the here and now, without giving thought to the consequences of you end up in prison..where you belong.

  15. Anonymous2/28/2010

    i will say this obama is equivalent to any black person, not greater, no lesser. second, regarding the whole dispute about prison and minority statistics - correlation does not mean causality.

  16. How has the identity of black men in America been shaped not only by the rise of Obama but also by the startling statistics about incarcerated black men?

    Tonight on Basic Black we will be discussing notions behind masculinity, particularly black masculinity, and what these mean for the black community and social structure. Join us tonight LIVE at 7:30 on WGBH Channel 2 in Boston or streaming on the web at! Also tell us your thoughts by participating in the LIVE online chat throughout the show! Tonight our panel includes: Callie Crossley, host of The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH Radio; Latoyia Edwards, anchor, New England Cable News; Peter Roby, Athletic Director, Northeastern University; C. Shawn McGuffey, assistant professor of sociology, Boston College; and Rev. Brandon Crowley, Myrtle Street Baptist Church, Newton, MA.

  17. Anonymous5/28/2010

    You idiots make me sick. U thinkr acism is over you believe slavery is dead and gone well guess what? Its not. The effects of pushing down a people and telling them they aren't humans doesn't go away over a hundred years. White people like u guys are so oblivious to what you actually did to us. How are black people supposed to succeed when there entire existence in america is based on being segregated and mistreated. How are they supposed to go to college when their parents were told that they were stupid and their kids would be stupid. The playing field will never be even until white people look at what happened back then and work to fix it. It is a race issue moron. I'm not saying our penal system is racist I just think that black people as a whole aren't given a chance to be as successful as white people.

  18. Powerful Knowledge6/16/2010

    Tobacco once was punishable by death, if given to the natives of the land. but the forgotten patriots, criminals, grew it distributed it and sold it, anyway. now look at big tobacco, and it's profits. Original chewing tobacco had coke in it. I know of at least one president who has chewed tobacco, when it had cocaine in it. I could think of at least three presidents, including Obama, that has used cocaine. And let's not get started on the white-house. How much revenue did the coca cola company make? Other than the buying and selling of weapons, were does America get a lot of it's money? Is it pharmaceuticals? And not only the ones that help you, but the ones that appear to help you with some grave side effects? How does these drugs make it pass border patrol, if were fighting so hard against drugs? And since the vast majority of minorities don't have any boats or planes, who brings it? the first white man convicted for killing blacks was April 10, 1921. I believe that he was convicted because he killed an entire farm of blacks, and the blacks might have had a uprising after that? What is an educational track? and once you figure it out, tell me why it is so low in our communities? We spend trillions on weapons, but our school systems are poorly funded. Out of all of the great black inventors who profited the most,and currently does, from their inventions? Did plessy vs.Ferguson permit whites to have a seperate, but not equal educational system? black were happy after the brown vs. the educational system decision? But my mother use to say "action speaks lounder than words." Is there just as many blacks in white schools, or whites in black schools (which I can't blame them, their is no education there). If you were to be honest to yourselves, as a white person, after your people gave 350+ years of slavery, everything your people have invented being stolen, and still see the faces and know the names of the thieve, would you not want justice or at least full restitution? You probably would say F--- 40 acres and a mule, which we didn't get anyway, you owe us everything! If you as a white person don't know why crime is so high in black communities, then you need to read the Willie lynch letter, a white man who had a diabolic plan for blacks, that could last forever. I urge blacks to get to googling as well. When so called Negroes used to get lynched by lynch mobs, they were referring to this man. Sorry black people their is one other thing that we need to know, if Obama runs the country who runs Obama? Better yet who funded him a billion dollars for his champagne? Out of the million Americans how could presidency be passed down through families? How come just about every democratic president lean toward the republicans, after being voted in and all is said but not done? I voted for Obama because he was a great black speaker with dreams, and if the strings were cut from him, he would be a great leader as well. As Gov. Jessi "the Body" said " their is no democratic or republic party. Politics operate just like pro wrestling... In front of the camera they're the worst, but backstage they're best friends." Check out the documentary, Obama Deception.

  19. Powerful Knowledge6/17/2010

    Blacks and whites can never be equal unless we can turn back the hands of time. We were treated like Farm Animals, and we know what the red-necks do to farm animals before killing them. no offense to other southerner. The only thing that I've ever seen, was the brutality of our people. Blacks being hung, while whites had pic-nics under their feet, genitals cut off and stuffed into a black mans mouth, while they set him on fire, burning him to death, after disgracing him. Women and children raped in front of each other. So many Blacks and Indians were killed, that you could smell their bodies miles away. Willie Lynch said he could smell the dead slaves before he reached land. Is this also what what we do to each other? BUT WHY? I believe that any people treated like this, and taught that their equivalent to cattle, then brought up through the Willie Lynch system, Oppressed with guns, drugs, and the worst land to live on. Not only will nothing grow their, but we were stuffed in ghettos as well. When you say ghetto to a white person, they instantly think of blacks, or Jews from the holocaust. If Hitler did not provide great living conditions for the Jews, what would have made you think that the ghetto's of America was fair? A lot of the so called non racist whites wont even give us a job, pending on the address that we put on our resume, or how Culturally black we appear to be. When you hear the words, dress nice, talk clearly, smile so that you can get the job. What it really means is act as white as possible. What, you Don't believe it? Why don't you try to were garments from the middle east. while applying for a job in a skyscraper? see how people look at your black face, even with a white accent? or if you already have an accent see if you are looked upon like a terrorist. White is right. Ain't that what they say? You teach the students that the Romans and Greeks Conquered the land, But what you don't teach in school, is that they stole all of their wisdom, killed their man raped their women, and outlawed learning for their people. Or that ancient Persians were not white people, (please don't believe that movie the prince of persia) the first government was not Roman, The oldest bones was from black ancestry out dating any evidence of the white race by thousands of years. Or how the richest continent in the planet has so many starving blacks and Ethiopians. Who engineered the man made diseases Like HIV, H1N5, Swine Flu. What kind of people, even the children of these criminals, don't have remorse after doing this to another member of the human race. I am starting up our movement like never before. Although it is easy to become a racist after all of this, that is not what the movement will be about. I know what most of them don't even know about their own race. and why most of us carry the Asian suffix in the back. The planet, when connected, true name was Asia E.G. CaucASIAN. Cauc=One from the caucus mountain region(caveman). Europe EU=western Asia. rope=roped in. Europe was a prison system for the white people before. they were pushed into the caves were they forgot how to speak, became very hairy because of the damp dark whether of the cave, after leaving the caves, they were ruled by the blackamoors, black Spanish Muslims or north African Muslims for a thousand years. But that was long ago, know it is our time to be free again. But first we must brake the shackles that are attached to our minds. Everyone enslaved their own some were in history. But whites enslaved everyone including their own. the only problems is we are still enslaved by the mind, and that we have lost billions, maybe even trillions by the white hands in these thousands of years that has passed. For us to be equal one side must not out weigh the other. Richest, education, living conditions,and justice. I will leave out death toll, because the white race don't have enough people to cover the death toll.

  20. Powerful Knowledge6/17/2010

    and for the dumb ass up above. You speak of all the crimes that black people do, that would only make us the knew white people. Wait a minute, I forgot they became super rich and made it all legal. Hundreds of years ago we were free, that's a fucking joke. I thought it was claimed that we were freed in 1876 or some shit like that. Dumb ass,the largest amount of people on welfare is white people, even though alot of us are on welfare. As long as dumb ass white boys like you control the job market we will never have a chance. The dumbest thing that black people did was help whites fight in the revolutionary and civil war. We should have let you kill each other off, then strategically attacked the remaining problem maker. you better be glad that your people kept education a way from us. Because if you had 100 slaves as smart as me, 1000 of you would have been killed. at least that would be the ratio we would be working off of. I can't believe your dumb ass actually believe that we were free, when at first men couldn't get a job at all, and women had to clean your houses and take care of your children. It sounds like slavery to me. Dumb ass do they have any ghettos in your suburb? cause in the city of Chicago their was a stretch of project for 5 miles; 4 buildings per block; 160 apartments per building; In average of 4.5 people in a one or two bedroom apartment; but only a couple of white people literally dumb ass. And those were women because my brother's still love some white women. Almost as much as white women love black men. I'm quite sure you heard the "once you go black..." phrase before. Dumb ass I do agree, the rappers need to stop talking about all of that gangsta shit. Mabe we need to listen to positive black music like Beethoven, I bet your dumb ass didn't know he was black? The funniest thing is, dumb ass, that all of my people could be as smart as me if given a proper chance. I came to the suburbs with,what I thought was, a slightly above average reading level. Only to find out, that it was 4.5 grades below in the suburbs. But I raised it up 10 grade levels before the end of the year. Can you do that dumb ass? All of these books of higher learning, even of lower learning. Mostly come from people of color, not white people,dumb ass. Black and white are not biologically the same all the way, dumb ass. If so then their would be no way to tell our bones apart. One is dominant and one is recessive, that is why they call us black and white, black being most dominant, as in the color spectrum. and white being recessive as in a color spectrum or like a lab rat. dumb ass. If the ghetto was nice and peaceful, would you try to move in dumb ass? I bet you never even did anything good for a black person. And the company that you work for, I'll bet that the money that started it, deeper down the line, was made from slavery...Dumb ass. Even the banks were built from the profits of slavery and the interest of war. I bet your dumb ass didn't know that. Dumb ass if we learn it we do it better than you all the time, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Track and field, science, and mathematics. The sports tell you that our bodies are not the same. Mathematics and science was our, and then it was stolen from us. You don't believe? Explain the pyramids, dumb ass. And the ones that lye underneath them. So when you look at a black man and see that he is hard toughened, know that he is smarter than you or has the potential to be smarter than you. he physically dominates you as well...DUMB ASSSSSSSSSSSS

  21. Powerful Knowledge6/17/2010

    If the original Whites in America, were punished for all of the crimes that black people commit today, there would not be a white America. but if they managed to still keep a population, none of them would be successful as they are today...True Knowledge.

  22. Anonymous9/04/2010

    You all are ignorant leave the past in the past look towards the future, but you won't and you are talking about some bullshit history that none of us ever saw with our own eyes. Your holding yourselves back dwelling on shit that doesn't matter.

  23. Walter Hayden9/18/2010

    The reason there are more blacks in prison than whites is simple. The majority of the black community have almost embraced the fact that they are "subhumans" according to the "white majority". The black community have been taught that its the white mans fault for so long that its caused racial issues that i dont think will ever fade unless people learn to forget the past and look to the future. I suppose you will all say its easy for me to say that because im a white male and we got it easier than anyone, but the bottom line is we are all human beings and we all have the same opportunities regardless of what society says. Have the jews come to the people of germany and asked for pain and suffering money? No they havent, and the jews were slain by the millions. The native americans have a very legitimate case but they havent asked for a cent. The fact that the jails are more populated by blacks than anyone else has nothing to do with racism, its because the image that blacks arent as good or have the same chance as anyone else, when in all actuality it cant be further than the truth. There are no college grants for being a white male from a lower middle class family, but for a black male going to college is a matter of applying for any number of free monies that the government offers to minorities just for being born that way. The so called heads of the black communities are another big issue. Jesse Jackson claims that ganster rap music should be praised in the same manner as black slave spirituals, but lets look at the facts. Black slave spirituals never said anything about murdering a police officer or making crack. Saying its the governments fault that more blacks are in prison than whites is just another way of not taking responsibilities of ones actions. Im not saying that profiling is not an issue, but as far as the majority of people that are in prison, they legitimately committed a crime and yes they deserve to be locked up for it. And one thing before i go; saying that making prisoners work is like modern day slavery, they should have thought about that before they decided to break the law. Why should someone who doesnt obey the law have the same rights as one who does? The only reason its an issue is because the race ratio in prisons is so one sided. The answer is the urge the black communities to embrace education and not making money. Bill Cosby tried to relay that message but when he did he was shunned by the black community and labeled an "uncle tom nigger" who serves the white man. Whats wrong with a black man who succeeds? Honestly go out, help out, and let shit go, it wont ever change until you do.

    My family moved to america during the potato famine of ireland, we did not own any slaves so dont even bring up that when trying to make a point.

  24. Anonymous9/18/2010

    Beethoven was german.....And the pyramids were built by arabs, granted some of them were incredibly dark, they werent blacks from central africa as you know....You realize most of northern africa are arabs right? They look like their cousins from southeast asia...or the middle east as you would know. The true issue is we didnt teach the uneducated how to fish, we fed them fish, and thats why they commit crimes today. True Knowledge. If every black man in america were as smart as you, this would be an even more racially divided country. Im white and my family never owned a single slave, that stands true for most whites in america. You all neglect the fact that there were white slaves as well,and that your brothers from africa were in fact the ones who sold you into slavery. Before you try to tell someone off get your facts straight, DUMB ASS! Knowledge is power, and it seems you only have enough power to run a 3 dollar flashlight.

  25. Anonymous9/23/2010

    1-15 black leaves 14 others.
    1-36 latino leaves 35 others.

    What color are those people? Just askin!

  26. Anonymous10/18/2010

    Let's face the truth there are more Africn Americans in jail than there are whites I'm not trying to be racist and it's true that some African Americans have done some pretty bad things, but others have been put in jail for no reason at all. I mean when some not all, but when some white people see us the first thought they get is that we're always up to no good. The reason for that is because so many African Americans go to jail. Almost every morning if you watch the news or listen on the radio some black person has went to jail or the cops are trying to fond them. My point is that it shouldn't matter what color we are because it's suppose to be a free country. We're supposed to shake hands and gather around the campfire and sing "Amazing Grace." Well let me tell you I don't feel so free and and only people I feel that are singing are the white people.

    1. Anonymous4/30/2012

      "but others have been put in jail for no reason at all." This is the typical war cry when I cuff up a black guy. "I didn't do nuffin'!!"

      And it's over used. Yeah. You did sumthin' and you been goin' to jail fo' it.

      In your vernacular, "Own up to it." Stop being "black" and try to act "white" for a change.

      Get a job and keep it. Stay in school. Pull your pants up. Stupid, stupid jigaboos..

  27. Anonymous10/18/2010

    Plus all this cursing and stuff is not called for this is exactly why racism has started for shit like this. Do you really have to curse. Let me give y'all some advice.

  28. Anonymous2/14/2011

    Obama isnt even

  29. Anonymous3/10/2011

    There are more whites in jail and on welfare. lower percentage but higher number. why? 65 percent of the country is white. the truth is I am white and was pulled over 40 times last year because I'm poor. i drive a junky car and work at night. the real problem is money. every race commits crime at about the same rate according to income. but if your poor you go to jail. white collar crime robs more money than all other crimes combined but they get little jail time. and crack gets 8 times the years that powder coke gets you. why? crack and meth are for the poor and coke is for the rich! think about it. it is not race as much any more but mostly money. the pres is black but he is rich and connected. the moral is don't buy rims buy a lawyer and stay out of jail. sad but true if you spend your money well your problems will lessen.

  30. Anonymous7/27/2011

    I am a dumb southerner from Mississippi. At least that is what most people think of us. Anyway, an intelligent man once said that he hoped one day people would be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. (MLK). Well, if that's the case if were alive now and lived in Mississippi he would be a racist to blacks. That's If he stuck to his word. I've been around alot of black people from the north and they have so much more pride than the ones from the south. They even make fun of their own race. It has nothing to do with color. They spit babies out like rabbits. We southerners spend our time working so they can sit on their asses and draw a check with my tax dollars I bust my ass for. I have a way to cut the debt in half make them get a fucking job or educate them on birth control. If they put their minds to something constructive instead of working a way to fuck our government they could to be the next president. But, they want to blame the white man for everything. So my advice shut the fuck up close your legs and get a job.

  31. Anonymous8/09/2011

    I'm a white guy that grew up in an all black community. I was always the white minority in class, and work too. I never committed an arrestable offence. I don't get it.
    If you really want to "beat the system" like me; once you graduate high school get a car and a job----and live out of your car----and get a membership at a 24-hour gym (Showers, sleep, etc.). Twenty years later you'll be a rich man. Guaranteed! I think the problem is that people don't know how to use their mind besides figuring things out. Learn to use your mind to invent. That worked perfectly for me.

    1. Anonymous4/30/2012

      As a white guy that grew up within a black high school, I can't count the number of times I was attacked both in school and on the school bus (with a black driver not giving a shit.) take a black kid and put them in a white school, and nothing happens to them.

      Go figger' that one out. BLACKS are violent.

  32. Anonymous10/21/2011

    if i may.. maybe we are too insensitive to what is really taking shape here. Black and whites have beeen at each others throats for centuries. This hatred is clogging our ability to see the bigger picture. I think whites are very concerned with the country and its economic situation; lack of jobs. having a black man in the white house for the first time in the nations history. Unsure of his ability to lead, considering that this was not what you would ever had expected; someone of color to be doing, especially in America. What I hear from the writing costituents on this blog is fear; Whenever poeple who are use to being in control are not in that arena to deternine the lives of others, that can be quite mind boggling. You want to blame black crime, blame mexican immigrants, blame welfare momms. or blame black men in general. The fact of the matter is that white people have always avoided looking at themselves. They speak highly about personal responsibility, determination, which are admirable traits, yet the world you created is the one you cannot escape from. You brought us here to work and now that thier is no work for you or me, here comes the blame game. Whites never believed this great American economic system would never leave them behind...but it has. Now you will began to experience what "po blck folk benn dealin with fo al dees here yers". Occupy wall street is your version of blacks marching for jobs and just-us. Now that the big red machine is grinding to a halt, the conductor is telling those who even sit at the front of the bus or train. we don't have any room for you either.EMFH!

  33. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Black people always complain about people being racist... Facts are facts. Look at them, take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming your parents, education, background or friends for the choices YOU make. Ive had plenty of chances to end up in jail like a lot of people but I made the right decisions and didn’t go that way.


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