Friday, February 01, 2008

50 and Paris Sitting In A Tree ... GET THE F*CK OUT MY TREE, B*TCH!!

Page Six provides an hilarious exchange stemming from 50 Cent's performance at a pre-Super Bowl party hosted by Paris Hilton. And as much as it saddens me that my model TAN couple are going through some apparent growing pains, I really wish I could have seen this:

When the princess decided to get onstage and dance, the hip-hopper quickly instructed her to "Get the f**k off the stage." She started to cry and tried to plead with the party's production staff to let her dance, whining, "But it's my party!"

Hahaha. Aww. I really hope they worked it out later that night.

50 Cent Makes Paris Cry [Page Six]


  1. I know you're not officially, you know, following this story or anything, but what's the deal? Are they dating or what? I'm dying to see that sex tape. Are you familiar with the whole buck/coon/other archetype breakdown? Well, blacks stealing white women paranoia mongering aside, I would pay good money to see the Paris/50 video.

  2. That girl needs to listen to Ski Mask Way. You thought he really wanted your pussy? Bitch, please.

    On a related note, PLEASE GOD switch up that banner pic. I feel at risk for herpes every time I visit the site.

  3. I'd just like to say this post has the best title EVER!

  4. Anonymous2/09/2008

    Why do ypu consider 50 cent an assimilated negro...He is unassimilable.

  5. Anonymous3/13/2008

    my god i just spit out my water.


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