Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Baltimore, Cops Might Be Taking The Wire Too Seriously

Wow, from the looks of this video things must be pretty tense in Baltimore, cause Officer Rivieri here appears to be one "Dude" away from getting his Rodney King on with a 14-year old skateboarder. Yikes.

If we must find a positive, at least we know that police harassment can in fact be of the white-on-white variety as well.

Gotta love the end where asks about the camera and presumably makes a threat about ending up on youtube. D'oh! Methinks someone's gonna have a little more free time to watch The Wirein the near future.


  1. Anonymous2/14/2008

    No. The sad thing is he probably won't face more than his "paid suspension" and maybe a finger-wagging and severe tsk!

    The "internal investigations" thing is a farce no matter what the race of the wronged person nor what the cop did (right up to shooting your ass down in a bad drug raid).

    Check out The Agitator for lots more on this.

  2. maaaaaaan. saw this on i think nancy grace last night.
    at first i was like "damn thats messed up and hilarious"...

    then i got real pissed when i thought about how many young black males get their asses whipped by cops, daily, and don't get similar outrage...fuckin america.

  3. Jumper2/14/2008

    The kid's just lucky he wasn't actually doing something criminal like holding a DVD.

  4. I like how he kept insisting he's not a "dude" or a "man." If he's not trying to prove how much of a bro he is by harassing 14-year-old boys, I don't know what he's doing.

  5. Damn, That's physical assault and harassment. I hope his parents defended him.

  6. Man, someone has to have heard what happened to this guy after the video appeared online. Someone please tell me this guy got suspended without pay and had to apologize to this kid, though, in a way, the kid probably deserved at least a piece of it because, after all, if he were black he'd have been beat down for calling a cop "dude".

  7. BPDproud11/25/2008

    I've lived in SW Baltimore my entire life and I've NEVER seen a black man get his ass whipped for something he didn't deserve. Let's face it, if your selling drugs in Baltimore, YOU NEED YOUR ASS WHIPPED!!!

    It's not the fault of the police that all the people on the corner are black and selling drugs!!!


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