Monday, June 02, 2008

Oregon, Meet Black People. Black People, This Is Oregon

Sometimes, when I find myself staring out the window like Malcolm X, I wonder if I'm making too much of the "race" thing. There's Obama, Oprah Tyra, Justin Timberlake etc. etc. all proving that our country is so clearly over needing to be introduced to black people. But then you encounter a story like this, where a market in Corvallis, Oregon actually sets up a seeming non-ironic "Meet a Black Guy" booth.

I find it hilarious, and would stop by any Meet A Black Guy booth I encountered. By Any Means Necessary, knahmean? But daaammmm, for real? Oregon needs help like that?

Anywow, back to my window.

"Black Guy" booth livens up market [Corvallis Gazette-Times]

h/t: Wes


  1. i love this blog...keep up good work.. its to be nice if we can know each other...:D

  2. Anonymous6/02/2008

    There's some irony to a Meet A Black Guy booth. Maybe not enough, but just to think of it requires some sense of humor.

    I'm a black guy also. It'd be a funny if the booth became a hangout for the brothas.

  3. exactly anonymous, and what about black girls looking to meet a brother? i doubt the dating scene is terribly diverse either.

  4. I was born in Oregon and have lived here all my life.

    One of the most memorable (and hilarious) comedy performances I ever experienced was by a black guy in Portland who said folks were always asking him why in the world he would move to Oregon, to which he would respond, "I wanted to observe white people in their natural environment."

  5. Lee Coles6/03/2008

    Like your work. My spin on the booth would be to make it "Kiss a Black Guy".

  6. Wow. Oregon is throwing me for a loop lately. About a month or so ago I wrote a blog about diversity training that is being done in Eugene for the upcoming Olympic Trials to help the residents deal with the influx of black athletes. It's called Blacks on Track Team.

    Of course you probably have already written about it but it seems as if Oregon is a little behind the times.

  7. Anonymous6/09/2008

    it was staged. i thought it was kinda funny.

  8. That photo in your entry is actually from a strikingly similar but much earlier event (making the Oregon booth not original in the least) held by the folks at Improveverywhere:

  9. I hope he's charging money for admission.

  10. Well I'd be damned! I'm guessing we can bkame Obama for this bullshit. After all, he did give his wife that now famous negro handshake; I think its known as a pound, or dap, or some other negro gesture.

    But hey man, you'd be surprised at just how many white people for whom Michael Jackson is the only black person they know.


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