Monday, November 21, 2005

Starbucks Sweater Statement GiveAway

I can't get over the billboard featured on copyranter today.

since I'm in list mode. here are some other statements being made by the people wearing those sweaters:

sex does not live here anymore.

young johnny here is destined to be a drug addict of epic proportions.

(from the man) I don't know if I have a top lip or just a weird moustache.

(from the woman) I love the pockets in this skirt.

These aren't turtlenecks, we were in a car accident yesterday.

(from the man) If these people only knew where my other hand was located.

when people thin slice upon seeing us, we want their initial impression to be very negative.

we put a lot of money into this. most of it going to the sweater designer.

billboard cleanup. aisle downtown.

A better billboard may have been made with this image over at the Tub Spot (parental guidance is advised).


  1. Dear God! The best thing I can say about that billboard is that at least none of MY students created it. How fucking embarrassing!

  2. I cant get over Barts boner.. I mean really...I cant. Im transfixed.

  3. Anonymous11/21/2005

    I get that e-mail everyday. S


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