Friday, June 30, 2006

I Ain't Saying We Got Beef Ni**a, But I'm a Punch You In The Teeth Ni**a

Apparently egos are colliding with Kanyeeze and Ray, errr Jamie Foxxx (how many x's again?). It's hard to say who definitively has the bigger head, but at the BET awards, Jamie Foxx apparently went kindergarten on Kanye as they accepted their award. Foxx was making faces, and then held up a fan behind Kanye's head. When asked why he held up a fan behind Kanye West, Jamie responded, "someone had to cool that n***a off."

Clearly Kanye, as any rapper would, will take some shots at Foxx in an upcoming song, if not make a whole diss record dedicated to the issue. But what will Foxx do? How do actors make the beef happen? Does he take a role that spoofs Kanye? Maybe he alters some dialogue in a movie? Or maybe he'll make the first R&B diss song.

From the sound of it, I think we're going to find out, cause this ain't going away. NO ONE holds up a fan to Kanyeeze's head and gets away with it.

My shades are bigger. NO, MY shades are bigger ... ni**a
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  1. I'm on Foxx's side on this one, Kanye West is the most overrated douche out there. An average rapper who just samples beats wholesale, chorus and all, and gets proclaimed a genius. To his credit, though, he picks great songs to sample.

    But as for how Jamie Foxx settles beefs? Usually through stand-up. He had a good one a few years back where he took on LL Cool J (had beef during Any Given Sunday) and J. Lo and Puffy (beef over some statements made about J. Lo's singing) and eviscerated them.

    Favorite line: "I knew J. Lo back when she was just 'Hey ho!' "

  2. Anonymous6/30/2006

    oh yeah, kanye may lose to a former standup. plus kanye has more public appearances to lampoon

  3. Anonymous6/30/2006

    i think foxx is a lil ugly. i'm with kanye, even though he always comes off as an asshole

  4. Anonymous6/30/2006

    i was at the BET awards TAN. there was a lot of buzz about the tension/situation. there's definitely more brewing behond the scenes here.

  5. Is this fued gonna rival Paris and Nicole?

  6. Anonymous7/02/2006

    God rappers are ridiculous.

    Though I'll support the Kanye diss song, will probably be pretty good!

  7. I just added you as a link, so goes w/o saying tight blog

  8. Wow. They're both quite stupid for that, if you ask me (not that i think you did, lol!). Great blog, by the way. :)


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