Monday, June 19, 2006

"She Was Giving Me Head" - Wes Craven Edition

I can't write too much on this, since I'm already playing russian roulette with my soul via the headline.

A couple days ago there was a tragic accident, where some guy plowed his pickup truck (you were expecting a Lexus?) into an oncoming car killing a woman and her daughter. We go from tragedy to close-your-eyes-and-cringe mode when we discover a severed head flew out the window and on to the road during the accident. And the head belonged to (what's the rules on possession again?) the driver's wife. There's probably something to be said about Boise, Idaho here, the location of the accident/crime, but I'm not going to be the one to do it.

Police Find 2 Bodies, 3 Heads, 0 Potatoes


  1. It is a tragedy. I think however, that MSN's choice of headlines was in poor taste.

    Funny, I didn't find your headline in poor taste. I don;t think I can really explain except to say it's because that's what Grissom always says to the medical examiner on CSI when they get a severed head.

    What a sad, sad, thing. (The story, not CSI.)

  2. Anonymous6/19/2006

    oh my goodness. that's pretty crazy.

  3. Anonymous6/19/2006

    what a story. driving around with a head next to you? incredible.

  4. Anonymous6/19/2006

    Boise, Idaho here. My thoughts are if I were looking to commit suicide by vehicle. I sure as hell would pick a vehicle larger than mine. Or point a gun at one of our finest. They are well known to put people out of their misery with a well aimed bullet.

  5. Anonymous6/19/2006

    We all know that his wife spontaneously combusted from the neck down causing the accident in the first place. It's sad when someone is accused of murder due to a freak act of nature that way.

  6. Anonymous6/19/2006


    I've just lost all my innocence with that one.

  7. First time poster here; I found your blog via one of your readers, Darwin.

    After reading today's post, all I can say is ... um, wow, I guess. That's not exactly the story that I expected to hear after reading the title of your entry ... :)

  8. Anonymous6/20/2006

    awwwww daaaaaaammmm

  9. Anonymous6/20/2006

    I like the 0 potatoes line, though it's a little insensitive, still had to chuckle.


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