Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beatbox + Flute = Hip Hop Fire

I saw this guy on the train here in NYC a couple months ago, he did a ridiculously hot set with his friend on the cello or violin or some string ish. I almost had to grab the mic right there on the platform. Anyflute, I just found him on youtube: Greg Pattillo, here doing Inspector Gadget, then remix/blending into "Axel F" (the theme song from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack).

While receiving Greg's blessing I also found another guy, Tim Barsky, who also rocks the Flute-Beatbox:

Who says hip hop is dead? Respect the evolution ...

Greg Pattillo [myspace]
Tim Barsky [timbarsky]


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  2. 1) That is amazing. Seriously.

    2) You said "anyflute."

  3. T.A.N,

    You didn't beatbox with your flute? I know I did, oh wait, maybe that was just because I had no flute skills and I was doing anything to get sound out of it. Most of the time I just hummed the songs into the damn thing while pushing buttons and kept on trucking. LOL

    The real flutist,

    Ms. Denva.

  4. all good, except, T.A.N., he winked at the very end...

  5. hip hop isn't dead among (my)freshmen and sophomore students (mostly white bread and asian) at nyu, but they like the easy listening guys like common and the roots. these flute players on Tube are good (esp the first guy), but nothing new. and that second guy, must have a lot of spittle to wipe off his fruit, i mean flute.

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