Friday, August 03, 2007

Anatomy of A Corporate Hijack, Link-Stones for Goliath

I've written massive amounts of words, so I just wanted to post a simple link-list on this whole P&G Amex Charity Scam:

The Huffington Post - Goliath In Sheep's Clothing
Daily Kos - P&G is Astroturfing
Consumerist - Is P&G Annexing Contest?
NY Times - P&G Entry Raises Issue of Fairness
Craig From Craigslist - A good choice for Members Project
Young Manhattanite - Corporate goliath breathing stank air
More on TAN - further ranting, and timeline of sketchy details

P&G controversies - (from wiki) P&G used to have a logo that many felt was a satanic symbol. Ha! That's a shock! In fact they still use the logo in some instances.

P&G test on animals
What's wrong with P&G? - company criticized for polluting Fenholloway River with 50 million gallons of waste water. oh, also looks like they didn't have a big problem with apartheid.
P&G goes dumpster diving
Even the diapers have issues

I continue to use The Corporation logo because this maneuver is straight out of that wonderful documentary. If you haven't seen the film, rent, buy, netflix that ish right now. It's required viewing for Living in America 101.

The [sketchy] Members Project [AMEX]

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  1. Anonymous8/13/2007

    The rivers of north Florida have been the victim of corporate pollution for too long by the Buckeye paper mill. UF will be hosting a meeting soon that could give Buckeye state funding to further their pollution. Come out and help put a top to this corporate attack and massive bull sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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