Thursday, August 09, 2007

Those That Can, Blog; Those That Can't, Judge

The 2007 Black Weblog Awards are underway. Voting is open through Aug 15th.

This year I've been asked to be one of the ten [esteemed] panelists to judge the competition. We even got a special badge that I'm currently having ironed-on to my whole wardrobe of white t-shirts:

This means if you were going to vote for TAN (duh), you shouldn't, because it won't count. Actually it will count, but I will of course be ineligible to win. Also, it will be a major drain on my time resources if I have to keep coming to this site to check out my content and design and such, so best to just leave me out.

Anyjudge, armed with this excuse responsibility, I am truly enthused to see what my fellow negroes and negresses are up to. I hope you are as well. And as a demonstration of black solidarity, throughout the nomination and voting process I plan on doing all my blogging with a black-glove-covered fist, and conducting my online research via Negroogle.

Which raises an issue: if these Black Bloggies are going to take off we need a good nickname. No nickname underscores how wack it is that we can't use the portmanteau "blogger" to reference black bloggers. Friggin' white people steal everything dammit! They definitely could have gone with "Whoggies," and then we could have "The Bloggies" to ourselves. Maybe we can just steal from another group, and go with "The Chinoggies." Eh.

There's the "Negroggies." Or the "Blabloggies?" We could try retro-ironic with "The Jim Croggies." Oooh that might be a good black-hipster-band name.

Well, whatever. I'm a judge. I need not concern myself with these trifling affairs.

Here's the page to get you started. There's 30 categories, so I think that means every black blogger wins. Yay!

Good luck to everyone.

- Judge TAN

The REAL BlaBloggies [Black Weblog Awards]


  1. Blogga, please...

    But seriously, good on you, TAN.

  2. Anonymous8/09/2007

    How about just the BeeBees? I mean for one, if there's a Tony, an Oscar, and an Emmy, then what's wrong with having an award dedicated to a Black hero like B.B.? Just a thought ...

    Good luck with the judging. I wonder how all 4 million or so blogs will get wittled down to just 30 awards (I know I'm exaggerating but I read the bulletin on MySpace and that's OD.) Anyways, peace ...

  3. Anonymous8/09/2007

    *blogga please... LMBAO

    Ummm, TAN, there are more than 30 of us...
    Most of us are in hiding... because the "collective" are usually the first to be accused of bloggery!!!

    Hope you win though. Although...what catergory I'd vote for you ...not sure...
    I've been bloggin for almost 3 years now... I tain't never 'em! LOL Then again, my blog is actually sorta too ig'nant for true blaboggies to understand.


  4. Anonymous8/09/2007

    How about the afrobloggies?

  5. How about the Niggies?? I'm just asking.....

  6. Anonymous8/09/2007

    How about "The Noggies"? First thing that popped into my mid when I saw the logo.

  7. left a comment on the james baldwin post. because seriously....

  8. blah blah - "hope you win"

    did you read the post? I can't win.

    Though I think with your consistent "bloopty" sign off, there should be a category for that. And you would win!

  9. awww man you took my judging spot! geesh tan! oh wait, i've only been blogging for a month and a half. oops. lol.

    well... congrats. thats pretty cool. guess you're kinda feeling yourself now, huh?

  10. Anonymous8/09/2007

    wha about Noggerz? LOL

  11. i dance like a black man, does that mean i can qualify?

  12. Anonymous8/10/2007

    ...i read it.
    ...pick on me again and it's me and you in a back alley somewhere in chinatown...
    fa serious!

    I sign off like that so you know who I am amongst the masses (it's also the my blog name), I know you be checkin' for me Bro-Ham.


  13. Have I ever mentioned that in my heritage is 1/12th slave owner? Surely that earns me a nom for "Most Hated by Black People" blog. Although I think we already know that Kanye West is gonna win.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. ^^^ no, we'd give you a pass bp, i LOVE your blog! lol. and kanye....well he's another story.


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