Friday, January 23, 2009

Old White People Being Racist Is The New Farting In Public

Saw this post on Gawker about Larry King's recent run of ridiculous, uh, rhetoric, and, OMG, I do believe Barack Obama has made racism adorable!

I mean, listening to Larry getting worked up about how "Blacks are in!" and how even his son wants to be black (which he probably just misunderstood when the son mumbled, "I want to be anyone but Larry King's wack-ass anachronistic son ..." oh, I'm just kidding Dr. King, look at your hair over there on the right, WHEEEE!) and it's just sooooo cute.
(partial clip via Think Progress)

(Gawker has a better, i.e. more racist, clip with the audio from his other gaffe insinuating how Black Presidents are a gateway drug to Lesbian Presidents.)

See in an older more antiquated time, back when Larry could only interview dinosaurs (ha!), this type of thing would have put the whole Race Police SWAT Infantry A-Team on terror alert. Martin Luther King would have been mentioned, lawsuits would be filed, and Larry would have been sending mad black kids to broadcasting school, yo.

But these days we think WWOD. And Obama knows Larry means no harm. He'd laugh it off, or, if he was in Harlem, brush the dirt off his shoulders.

So now, faced with such silliness, instead of starting a riot, all you want to do is run over and pinch his jowls as hard as you can and ask him if the adorably racist old man can show me how old he is with his fingers *smiles and points at Larry* yessss, you, I"m talking to youuuu, how old are youuuuuu my racist shmookypants bummdy vooo viiivooovuuuveeegee....10, 20 ... mmm-hmmm, 30, 40, ... oooo you're old aren't you ... 50, 60 ...

*...still counting fingers.....*

Not that I'm overly familiar with this scenario, yet, but it strikes as an offense along the lines of an old man farting in public: Most people laugh. Some are embarrassed. Some might even get offended-- Just cause you're an old white guy doesn't mean you can go around farting in public, mister!

Awww, but I don't think that Larry. You go fart all you want. You ain't doin' nobody any real harm aside from stinking up the air a little bit.


  1. Anonymous1/25/2009

    Hah. The Usual Suspects reference kills me, though throwing a drink on the guy wasn't too classy.

  2. Anonymous1/28/2009

    Awesome perspective.


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