Monday, January 05, 2009

TAN Party Crash: Jewcy Does Christmas Party

One of my favorite TAN days was when I got to post an interview I did for Jewcy with Julius Lester the same day I did an interview for King Mag with the "Read A Book" guys. That's the type of racial-synapses firing you get when i'm fully charged, knahmean?

So much to my delight, during Holiday Party Week I was able to get my Tao of Assimilated Negro on by going to a Jewcy-Does-Xmas and Okayplayer Holiday Jam back-to-back.

I'll have some notes/words on the Okay joint following this. But for the Jewcy we're gonna try out the new media party game that's sweeping the country: How Many Black People Were At Your Party? This game is played by seeing how many pictures of different black people you can accrue at any given white-washed NYC media party. It's fun! For the whole family!

And with that we present TAN-Jewcy Party Crash... in pictures:

cute black girl and Santa Claus? no, i said i'm looking for the JEWCY party...

waddup, homey. we will call you #2.

is that you, Jimmy? No? Oh, my bad, all those black guys and white guys look the same

this is #4, pretty impressive showing at this point. and everyone sure seems happy about it.

oh wow, 2-for-1 recession special here. also, this should be the cover of the Jewcy course catalog. Jewcy or Wesleyan.

how YOU jewin' doin'! i meant doin'... cause that's funnier

it's ya boy! waddup rachel! (& rachel's husband!!). i only chat up lady-writers on the daily beast



For those actually keeping score, final tally was ....7. One for each day of the week!


images via:
Jewcy Xmas Gallery
Random Night Out

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