Sunday, April 26, 2009

Can Someone Tell Diddy About Black Cab Sessions?

For real, hip hop heads need a knockoff on this quick; its not straight biting, it's "inspiration." And Black Cab Sessions is a fairly inspirational idea: One song. One take. One cab. Tell me you're not a Lykke Li fan after this:

Now I know what the hipsters are talking about!

So yeah, fairly brilliant. And there's opportunity because it's an indie/rock dominated artist list; not trying to be racist or nothing, but I know if I pimp this site at an assimilated negro party they're not gonna know at least half the artists listed on the home page. And that's being generous and NYCcentric about it. So we could definitely get some black people up on this. Though it would officially kill the "black people can't get cabs" industry.

Mad emcees would rock the Black Cab though, and once Kanye got involved you know his cab's gonna glow or be a spaceship or something.

Hmmm, I wonder if Kanye can beatbox. It'd be hot to have him do the b-box for nas, jay, common maybe. Someone like that with strong presence, skills-cachet. Then they switch-off. You could get The Roots to rock that in a heartbeat, with Black Thought and ?uest and Scratch or Rahzel. Other duos: Dre and Em, RZA and someone from Wu. Doom and Mos Def. Andre and Big Boi. Then you could get the acoustic heads, i don't know who they are but ... oh yeah, wyclef. Lauryn Hill and someone. There's also the Def Poetry Jam type stuff from the urban cab-eligible oeuvre, which somewhat surprisingly is one of their most viewed clips:


  1. She's adorable and amazing live. Love her.

  2. A bathroom sessions might be another series worth checking out.

  3. "it would officially kill the "black people can't get cabs" industry."


    Yo, I love that groove they were kickin in that first clip.

  4. Anonymous4/27/2009

    I'm so over the entire premise of spoken word performances.

  5. Holy shit, the bathroom clip is hilarious. Is she just performing the song in as many weird venues as possible

  6. ^^^^^it's a real question??????????

  7. Where is the sign up list to marry Lykke Li? She is my destiny, and I am hers.

  8. Anonymous4/27/2009

    Question 1: Did she say she's working to put butter on her pizza-bun?

    Question 2: Why is that turning me on so much?

  9. ha. not sure if these lyrics are correct but if so i think it's "piece of bun" ...

    I might like yours better though.

  10. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Hey guys

    I run the black cab sessions and i appreciate all your comments. Let me set the record straight though.
    We have been trying and trying to get some hip hop guys to come take part and some of them have agreed. Check out the Cool Kids video. We also went out to SXSW festival where we filmed Mr Lif, Champagne Champagne and Blaqstarr. They'll be up on teh site soon.
    The basic problem is that every artist we approach (De La, Ghostface, RZA, Common, ?love, Qtip) dont think they will be able to perform on it acoustically. And also the record labels see what we do and want to know if there's any money for them. and there isnt.

    We do try, its just we normally get knocked back.

    We'll keep trying. stay tuned for Lif and `champagne sessions.

    Also please vote for us in the Webby Awards!
    You need to click on this link:

    Then sign in (only takes a sec)

    Then click on online film/video category

    Then click on music category

    Then vote

    Yes you can.

    Thanks very much!

    Black Cab Sessions x

  11. thanks BCS, and good luck. you guys deserve a webby, i think.

    i didn't see The Cool Kids earlier, that clip is a good one though.

    disappointing to hear the hip hop reticence, makes some sense music-wise, but there's also opportunity to be creative-- like in the lykke li clip, which is flipped sans guitar. i know rappers don't have the accordion-maestros in house typically, but i bet they'd be surprised at the options they have if they were proactive about it.


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