Thursday, April 30, 2009

PSA: I Need to Find These Seersucker Shorts!

My seersucker shorts died last year. I've found it difficult to let go. There has been no replacement. I know. Obviously it's a downer for me as well...

But I've been trying to figure out how to move on, and I couldn't think it anything less than divine order when on only my 2nd (maybe 3rd?) reading of an US Weekly (for real, i'm not even trying to be highbrow or better than people who read US Weekly here) I would see Kanye wearing quite possibly the only pair of seersucker shorts that could replace -- dare I say, better? -- my beloved, dearly departed, basic white seersucker shorts. I took a picture via my iphone.

I know what you're thinking: In fact, this is the only picture missing from Obama's first 100 days. But that's only because he's smart enough to keep the agenda secret. Lest the hipsters get wind and make a mockery of it all. But he's looking for these shorts also, no question:

sereously eyem in such rush to get up i kant even bother to pruufreeed this. i uzually have to doo all sawts of spel-czech but no teyem this teyem, jus need feadbakk asap!!

i might even sign up for twitter for this. someone tell twitter if she can locate these shorts i'll sign up.


  1. i'm seriously getting tears in my eyes at the thought of finding these. have i mentioned i like the color blue?

  2. fashion popo4/30/2009

    shorts and a scarf are just stupid. as stupid as women in shorts and boots. seriously all you fashion victims - STOP! you look ridiculous.
    mixing seasonal attire is preposterous. its 70 degrees, put the fall accessories away. i know it is hard to let them go - but your sweaty-ass feet and neck will thank you.

  3. Anonymous4/30/2009

    Please don't sell out and get a Twitter! PLEASE!! I think I'm the only person in AMerica that does NOT have a Twitter. I have my BLOG thank ya very much :D lol

  4. mongrelforlife4/30/2009

    they are classic. it is true:

  5. If you're gonna rock seersucker shorts, you might as well go ALL. THE. WAY. and step into some Brooks Brothers big boy shorts. See you at the polo match this week-end TAN. :)

  6. someone gave me the B-Bros link on fbook also, but it doesn't look like the color is as blue. And the cut on Kanye's shorts is not as box-y.

  7. Uniqlo. Seersucker shorts:


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