Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Coming Soon: My Date With Megan (Fox)

So this has been one of the cute-buzzy-celeb stories of the week. A young cherubic teenage everyman consumed by passion and desire for the Angelina Jolie3000 lovely Megan Fox attempted to make his affections known with a flower. Awww. Unfortunately, the only thing now in bloom is his awakening to how this cold nihilistic world works when you're cherubic and the object of your desire is out of your league. Ms. Fox couldn't even manage to Transformer2 her face into a CGI-affected smile.

Yeah, that's right. Boo-hoo, Mr. I came-with-the-wonder-years-schtick-a-decade-or-two-late. Go start a blog and stand in line with the rest of us, kid.

But wait! Apparently Megan Jolohanbiel has feelings. On camera!

Hmm. Maybe the kid's gonna get to licky-boom-boom-down after all. I hear she's waiting for him while hiding on the back of this great big fantastically-fluffy polar bear:

(Seriously, what is that? A duvet? A cloud?) So, anyfox, media and companies have spied the potential hollywood narrative, and the chase is on. People are offering rewards to locate the would-be cupid, who is probably stewing and plotting his revenge as we speak/ogle.

Sounds like we might have a sequel to "My date with Drew" coming...


  1. I believe you'll find the boy in 1982, where his hairstyle is all the rage.

  2. Anonymous6/25/2009

    She looks VERY Jessica Rabbit like in that top picture. Where did those boobs come from?

  3. Anonymous6/25/2009

    She's hot but I really wish you hadn't ruined it by showing the video of her talking. She sounds like a total idiot. You're too good for her, TAN!

  4. They found him.

    Man, that was fast. And the kid's facebook page looks ridiculous.

  5. Anonymous7/01/2009

    well it's look like she is dating with a black guy

    lord toph

    another white beauty goes black

  6. Anonymous5/11/2011

    Megan Fox is one of the most attractive women in America. Black men desiring to be with her is realistic to me, but I don't see it happening. Maybe in another fantasy world. Her parents would disown her and so would hollywood. But if Brad Pitt dated Sanaa Lathan, it would be a different story. Wow! That's fair.


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