Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recipe: A Restaurant for Assimilateds of All Types

As an assimilated negro type coming up in the world, you need more than a job and an education. God, as they say, is in the coochie details. And with that, comes a need for knowledge about seersucker shorts, beautiful acoustic renditions of "Straight Out of Compton", and of course restaurants that cater to your upwardly mobile aspirations, but don't intimidate you for having from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks sensibilities.

Enter Recipe. Now written up in the NY Times twice, it has distinguished link pedigree.

Location: 82nd St and Amsterdam, i.e. nice neighborhood, but close enough to hood nether-regions. So if you're broke and living "uptown", your train or (gasp!) cab fare won't be too much. And if you never venture to the jungle, it allows you to get close enough to use binoculars and spy on the natives, without ruffling your cardigan. Win-win.

And Shawn -- DISCLOSURE: a friend of mine -- is one of the finest culinary artists you will ever meet.

Throw in reasonable prices, and you have a restaurant that clicks on all cylinders. Just dying to get in your rotation and help you fulfill your multiculti dreams.

So sayeth TAN, so it shall be done.... (Really just experimenting and seeing how restaurants handle the "TAN Bump". When you go, tell them Mr. Assimilated Negro sent you.)

At the Next Table, Is That Dr. Freud? [NY Times]

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