Saturday, June 05, 2010

Dear TAN: Your Blog Has Gotten Too Serious

from the inbox:

that's pretty damn funny....


  1. I wonder if this still happens because the universe is so large, but I only just now discovered this Maury "not the father" business and apparently there's a whole genre of youtube and mashups dedicated to the form of dancing and expressing oneself over not being the father.

    i guess i comment to recommend the back catalog as well .... this should be a movie, or at least streaming on netflix

  2. This stuff is funny and sad at the same time. I saw one Maury show where the woman had been on the show like 4 times and still didn't know who her baby daddy was. SMH..

  3. yeah, kinda gets right to the whole point of the message sent to me; it's tough to navigate that funny/serious line sometimes. this is hilarious, but if you start poking at it you might not like the underbelly of it all.

    good op-ed on black family here....

  4. Anonymous6/08/2010

    someday that woman's child will type in his mother's name in youtube and have this video pop up where he will watch a man dance because he is not his father.
    and he'll hear the audience applaud.
    and he'll see that millions of people have watched it.
    then what will he do?

  5. I think that's potentially a positive development of the media/narcissism saturation; sometimes blithe detachment helps. If he sees the video he'll realize: 1. obviously the guy dancing has nothing to do with, or any commentary to offer on the unborn child as a fully developed human being. 2. it's not just one "jerk" who tapped into this "not the father" euphoria, it was a cultural thing 3. he'll feel bad for his mother mostly, I suppose, and if they're on good terms then they'll have some water under the bridge to look at and appreciate. If they're not on good terms maybe recognize the buoyancy of the spirit in these clips and decide to mend fences.... maybe there's a clip of the real father also doing a jig. different strokes...

    just my 3 cents, your tone sounds foreboding though, like you think he might make a really really bad reality show or somethin'

  6. Anonymous6/10/2010

    wow you're an optimist. or lacking an empathy gene.
    if my tone sounds foreboding it is because, putting myself in his shoes i'd be suicidal or homicidal.
    as a teenager, like most bougie teens, i was angry with the world anyway while lacking in justifiable cause. imagine heaping this shit on? it is just beyond.


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