Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Akin To Jordan

This pic has been circulating around the internets. Mildly amusing candid of King Jordan:

It makes one want to flash back to 1992, when we all wanted to be "Like Mike" Akin to Jordan.
(nod to stereohyped for putting this in my head)


  1. what i love about this is how much the first girl seems to be enjoying it.

    quite the testament to the black man.


  2. Anonymous5/08/2007


  3. Anonymous5/09/2007

    Heard he starts drinking at 9 in the morning. When he's working. He sounds like a pretty sad dude off court.

  4. kevjohn5/09/2007

    Nothing against the interracial jungle fever thing going on or anything. All I'm saying is that if that's how it's going down, he can do a lot better than this. Heck, I've done better than this!

  5. Being rich, drinking at 9 in the morning, and dancing on bars with white girls . . . yeah, that sounds pretty sad to me.

  6. Anonymous5/11/2007

    way to go jordan. I starting to want to be like mike again.

  7. ::Rolls eyes::

    You'd think for someone with that much money, he could do better than the state school boys at the local reggae club.

    There are many things wrong with this picture. What exactly is this rich 40-something grown a-- man doing in that outfit at a college club grinding up against Michelle Rodriguez and her gf?


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