Monday, May 21, 2007

What The F@ck Is Juice?

One of Chappelle's classic standup bits:


  1. Anonymous5/22/2007

    shout to wyler's...

  2. shout out to 4C. That sucralose, water and yellow tastes mmm mmm good.

  3. Dave's not really talking about race here, he's talking about class.

    Middle-class black people sure as shit know what "juice" is, and lower-class white people (like the mythical "black people" Dave is talking about) don't know what it is.

    Dave is brilliant and funny as hell, but here he's playing into the common non-black perception that lower-class black people are the only black people.

    Surely the "Assimilated Negro" considers this difference important?

  4. I want some quarter water now.

  5. I love a glass or three of grape juice..

    As long as it's fermented.


  6. Anonymous5/24/2007

    You're right Willie, and I'm sure the joke would read as well if you replaced "black" with "lower-end-of-the-American-economic-spectrum-blacks." It's a can't-miss.

  7. Nice snark, anonymous. My point is that the joke would read as well if you replaced "black" with "white trash" (and maybe with some different sugar drinks). So it's not just a "black" thing that he's talking about, and it's not a thing that applies to all black people (as Chappelle's delivery implies it does).

  8. Chappelle. Brilliant.

  9. Umm Adam5/25/2007

    It's not only a black thing or a class issue. I live in Saudi Arabia and the people just don't drink juice. Okay, let me put it this way, in their homes they don't have juice. They have the sugar mixes like Tang and all kinds of cheap drinks. The school kids take drink boxes and not juice boxes. However, there are natural fruit juice stands everywhere, so they do drink the real thing. The juice is made right in front of you and at restaurants that is what is served.

  10. Anonymous5/25/2007

    Thanks, Willie, for the education. I had no idea.

  11. I love this oldie...we use these lines all the time in the grocery store. It's the same for poor white ckinds too, my mom made this crap from powder called tang and tried to tell us it was juice for astronauts or somesuch. I remember when I got older and moved out and discovered what juice really tasted like, I worked in a bar and was like THIS is juice!!!???Wow!!!

    Hey, we still never recieved our cd from you...let me know if there is a problem with the address?

    And if you ever run into Paige Ferrari, say hi to her for me, I miss her blog.


  12. Candy, you should email me directly re. the cd. address on sidebar, theassimilated negro [at] gmail


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