Sunday, May 20, 2007

Penthouse: How To Have Sex With A Racist

So I mentioned before I'd be giving you a reason to pick up Penthouse for the articles. Well that time has come as my "How To Have Sex With A Racist" piece is in this month's (June) issue of Penthouse magazine. It's the "Summer Blast-Off" edition, with the denim-frosted booty on the cover, kind of like the picture you see on the right but magazine sized.

Bonus 1: You'll notice that in conjunction with this fine woman's behind, and the five other pieces listed, I'm right on the cover (next to the red Plus). TAN. Moves. Units. I bet they wondered if they even needed the mouth-watering shot of a female's hindquarters this month.

Bonus 2: byline, The Assimilated Negro

I haven't received mine yet (ahem!), so I don't know how it came out in final. I see they changed "Have Sex With" to "Hit," which I haven't used as a sexual verb in a while. But I guess it's punchier (cough), and should draw in the sexual sadist and/or militant black crowd. Yes!

Anycooch, so yeah: sex! racism! together! penthouse! buy! read! now!


  1. Impressive. Congrats!

  2. So maybe Penthouse won't let you, but you should reproduce this article here, at least in an excerpted form. Some of us TAN enthusiasts would like to read said article but wouldn't be caught dead buying Penthouse, for various reasons.


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