Saturday, May 19, 2007

Let's Play Find The Negro In This College Humor Video

I like College Humor, I was a contributing writer for them a little over a year ago (not long after starting TAN) and felt a pang of regret about not shoehorning myself into the mix more after IAC showered them with money. And then I saw this video and the pang turned into a wave cause it looks like all the black people are having TONS o FUN in the office:

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger

OMG!! That video is AWESOME: great song, perfect execution. Seriously. It's almost as fun as college was!! But to emulate the real college experience, you need to get at least one token negro on the side feeling excluded because he's poor, not skinny-and-white (skwite?), and doesn't know the words to Flagpole Sitta. Ideally you'd have two black guys just talking to themselves on the side throughout the video. That would make it PERFECT ... and also, you know, college-humorous.


  1. i love how blogger arbitrarily screws up the spacing of my text. LOVE IT!

  2. Why can't Richard do something like this for the commenters?

  3. TAN! At least there was a cute token brown girl at the end who didn't really know how to drop dead properly!!!
    Token Brown Girl

  4. Puking Down South5/20/2007

    This made me see red. Not only was everyone whiter than white, they were all well-off, smugger than the smuggest Ivy League fuck, and every fucking person knew the words to that fucked up song. Fuck all these fucks. Fuckers. Fucking white tornado of retardation. Walking into that space while this shoot was happening would make me want to do something that would likely get me arrested.

    God, I hate white kids who think they're so smart, hip and funny.

    And I'm white.

  5. Parade Rainer5/20/2007

    Read the comments over at the site. Every fucking douche who was a part of that jumped in with "totally awesome." Nice comment "seeding" and pretend virality.

    This video should be banished from the Internet. I haven't hated anything this much in years. Even the still that holds the place here on your blog makes me want to cram something in the mouth of this no-talent ofice drone.


  6. Anonymous5/20/2007


    Does CareFlight handle emergency melanin infusions?

    CH. Needs. Help. Now.

  7. Yeah, that left a bad taste in my (white) mouth too. Not only racist in its exclusion of non-whites, but man, those kids look so smug and self-satisified. You can almost see the bubbles of privilege that they'll be moving on to. It screams little more than "Me! Me! Me!"

  8. I come...I read...I learn...
    Word of the day: skwite

  9. Goddamn that's white!

  10. Anonymous5/23/2007

    The girl in the stripes has a tremendous rack. Brrrrrrrrrummmmsky!

  11. Anonymous5/23/2007

    and yet...who didn't know these kids in college. or the office.

  12. Anonymous5/23/2007

    and what the hell song are they singing?

  13. hahaha. thats some stuff only white people would do.

  14. Ummm . . . I don't think this is only something only white people would do.

    See these previous posts by T.A.N.

    (Black Teenages Dry Humping A Piece Of Furniture)

    (11 Year-old black boy role playing as Beyonce)

    This is something only stupid people would do.

    White people just do it more extravagantly.

  15. wordgirl5/31/2007

    this. is the WORST. video. EVER. Unbelievable. And this was on a humor site?

    p.s. -- am I the only one who thinks this video is vaguely reminiscent of some stupid @ss video sh*t from the early '90s?


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