Thursday, May 10, 2007

Penis Power

this video has been taken down a few times, but seems to be back for good now. Its a classic, and provides all you need to know on male-female relations. I'm also considering making a book of quotations from Alexyss Taylor.


  1. Anonymous5/10/2007

    Ooh girl, THIS is what Freud was trying to get at! I need a cigarette...

  2. Hooked on cum. hmmmmm

  3. Alexyss Taylor, you are a hero.

  4. YES! I love this lady!

    Especially the part with her mom. Did that sound right?

  5. Anonymous5/11/2007

    Thank you for posting this. I was crying with laughter. That shit was better than scripted comedy.

  6. " . . . He can give you a rectum full of sperm . . . "


    Where are these girls? I need them.

    "Hit that bottom and work that middle!"

  7. well, i watched this last friday, and i just sat down for round 2. the image i cannot remove from my head is this woman having semen diarrhea.

    god, i feel so free in the commments section of this post to cross the line. what else can be said here? i can't TOP that. it's bittersweet really, i feel free yet powerless at the same time. it's a real existential tension.

  8. Anonymous5/24/2007

    Oh Ms Alexyss is speaking from a lot of experience.

    I'd like to offer my heartfelt apologies to Ms Alexyss for hit'n dat bottom, and programmin her vagina, rectum, and uterus all up in der.


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