Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Curious Case of Blacks & Jews

since every blogger needs a post referencing the curiously cutely-titled Benjamin Button movie, and no blogger likes his little bio thing having to idle at the top of the page all obnoxiously, and i have this pic courtesy of Gordon Gartrelle at We Are Respectable Negroes ... and since that blog is currently running a series of pieces under the Project name:

"The Chitlins and Gefilte Fish Project"

broadly described as:"a series of collaborative blog posts exploring Black-Jewish relations from the perspective of left-leaning 30(ish)somethings whose formative years were informed by rap and sports."

hmmm ... it's also a collection of writers/bloggers with followings and publishing credentials, and most important, passion and purpose behind their writing ... so check it out if the subject intrigues, i'll update this post as the series continues ...

1. "I offer three stories which may or may not speak to the dynamics of a working class Connecticut Negro's experience with this Black-Jewish stuff" -- Chauncey

2.The Tao of Blacks & Jews - DLIC

3. "And while this isn't a reason for instant familiarity between the two groups, it's at least a start. Not a common heritage, but two sides of one history." -- Shoals

more coming from me, ohword, some others ...


  1. What's shameful is that a lot of people will only recognize the name Gordon Gartrelle from the episode of Cosby that had Theo returning an over-priced shirt and Denise attempting to replace it with a hand-made version.

  2. I just came across this post. Now it kinda makes sense when my (Jewish) boyfriend claims "All Jewish guys want to (have sex) with a black girl. Why do you think they love hip hop so much?"


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