Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TAN's House Of Hot-Ass Interviews

I like interviews. I'll be doing more and need an air-tight glass jar to keep them in...

The Roots: Part 1, Part 2 (on Gawker)

The Jeff Chang Interview: three part exchange on hip hop, Obama, post-racial identity politics.

The Sasha Grey Interview Experience
: interview with 21-year old porn starlet and Soderbergh muse in The Girlfriend Experience. it gets messy.

Stuff White People Like Interview: I think I interviewed Christian Lander, the proprietor of SWPL, one day before his blog blew up to hefty six-figure astronomical proportions.
Post-Hype: Christian Lander... after the buzz.

Larry Wilmore
: of The Daily Show, for The Daily Beast.

Read A Book: The satirical viral-video sensation ... for King-mag.

Daniel Radosh: in which I call Mr. Radosh one of the smartest caucasians i know.

Julius Lester: in which i do a nice grown up interview with a black-jewish renaissance man.

Dodgeball: don't have interview online, oops, will investigate... do have a song.

Lauren Williams, Stereohyped
(RIP): editor of black jossip site, competition?

a 27 year old virgin: that's right fellas, a real life late-20 year old virgin... and cute too! start your engines!

the real live show: back in the days interview, they're a nyc based hip hop band and dope.

No Ebony Porn Section For This Guy: interview with a black guy who skips the ebony section on porn sites and feels bad about it. no really. kinda.

Email me if you should be on this list.

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