Thursday, February 12, 2009

TAN Interviews Larry Wilmore

So I interviewed Larry Wilmore a week ago (maybe two now?), as he has a book out called "I'd Rather We Got Casinos and Other Black Thoughts" (here's his website). I love Larry's character on The Daily Show and he lived up to billing: very funny, razor sharp, and sort of intimidatingly fast with the jokes and humorous angle when hanging out with him in person.

I had a whole big interview with him on all sorts of stuff, and I previewed it with a clip of Larry and I talking Obama shop and The Daily Beast went and liked the preview so much they decided to run it as is. So here it is. With any luck we'll get to run some of the rest of it as outtakes or DVD-Blog extras or something.

At TDB they have an excerpt from the book as well.

In Search of Black Jesus
[The Daily Beast]
I'd Rather We Got Casinos ...


  1. Next time, go with two-camera. Nobody needs to look at Larry Wilmore while his interlocutor is off-screen.

  2. kid video2/15/2009

    You should have asked him would he be back on "The Office".

    Good interview anyway.


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