Monday, June 05, 2006

I Hate To Say "I Told You So," But I Don't Know Any Other Languages

There were probably a good number of people saying the Heat could beat the Pistons after they saw a couple games of the series.

And you probably had some saying the Pistons could lose after the Cavs started giving them trouble.

But you won't find anyone who was saying the Heat will beat the Pistons early in the season when the Pistons were destroying everyone in the league and the Heat looked old and ready for renovation.

Well, anyone except this guy.

Unfortunately I wasn't talking sports on TAN at the time, but peep my defiant prediction(s) when my boy Joey was slurping the Pistons back in December, and I tried to shine the light in the comment box:

Not just once on December 2nd

but I had to stress the point again on December 19th

I actually don't even consider it a prediction, as it was an inevitability as soon as Flip Saunders signed on the dotted line. This was a team that needed a superior coach that commanded their respect, ultimately, the Pistons being so "good" in the regular season only sealed their eventual demise. Classic case of a team's collective ego outsizing their actual talent. I won't go into much depth on the matter since you've all probably been reading plenty on the subject recently, and of course I was up on all this five months ago, so it's old news.

For the record, I also called the Mavs, but I didn't post that up anywhere. But I was a Dirk for MVP guy, so that too was an easy one.

What's tough is calling the Finals. Heat vs. Mavs is a tough call because of all the compelling storylines on both sides ...Mavs are the better team, but I think the Heat have more/better stories. I could see Dallas winning, but I'm going with Heat in 6 (?)...

One final note. When searching for these comments on Joey's site, I came across this guy who had this to say about Boris Diaw. Very amusing now in hindsight since Diaw's become a rising star, needless to say he's not joining TAN in the we-make-hot-on-point-predictions club.


PS - I should note, Joey didn't say i was wrong in these comments, so I don't want to pose him as the foil to my predictive brilliance. I think I was just more convinced of it than him.

*sigh* it's so tough being right all the time ... it's really quite a burden.

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  1. Anonymous6/05/2006

    ha. The Pistons looked incredible to start the season. And they've been together for a couple years now, I thought they were going to the finals again by virtue of the rest of the east being a level below championship caliber. but you were right TAN. though miami really turned it on out of nowhere

  2. Anonymous6/05/2006

    good call TAN -- but who's winning the title?

  3. Anonymous6/05/2006

    I hate the brand of offense-only ball that the Mavs play. I hate that the league has tailored the rules to make this kind of ball successful. Granted, the Pistons and Spurs are excruciating to watch, but the fact that the Mavs (and the Suns minus Amare) could be (or could have been) champs doesn't sit well with me at all. They are like the basketball version of the Rams when they won the Super Bowl.

    Though I would prefer that Miami wins, I hate every player on the Heat outside of Wade and Shaq. They destroyed their team chemistry over the off season. Yes, they beat the Pistons, but they would have beaten them last year had Shaq and Wade been healthy. Relying on Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker, and Gary Payton for offense is bad news, but Miami needs them to guard Harris, Terry, Dirk, Stackhouse, etc.? That's a recipe for disaster.

    This series will depend on the officiating. I think there is a slight bias toward the Heat, but given the rule changes, Dallas should run circles around Miami.

  4. At least we can count on Charles Barkley for color commentary on the officials, though. And TAN, do these predictions count for the "Trends I Started" list? I'd like to see just "Miami Heat" written down.

  5. Well I didn't start the Miami Heat. But I could add "predicting the future" or something like that to the list. It would remain accurate too.

    I think on paper Dallas should win. They have size and fouls to throw at Shaq. Then again, Wade has become a special player. If he's better than anyone else on Dallas beside Dirk then they could win.

    On paper I think Dallas should win. But I'm calling Miami. I think they will have a special performance. THey seem primed.

  6. Anonymous6/06/2006

    I think a lot of people are calling Miami, for the Shaq/Riley story. Dallas is going to be tough to beat. Avery Johnson has been more than formidable.

  7. Collective ego? Are you nuts? The PIstons are like, the LEASE egotistic team ever. Yeah, they've got headcases, but nobody insists on standign out. I tihnk they just got flat out outplayed by the Heat. And I don't even like the Heat, but damn, did they play just about perfect in the four games they won.

    Mavs in 6

  8. Anonymous6/11/2006

    After predicting 9/11 in July of 2001, then not getting any props for doing so, I can commiserate with you TAN on your predicting both the Heat and the Mavs in the finals.
    To verify this moment of prescience, click on "Faith," and that'll take you to my e-novel about the legalization of the herb.


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