Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maybe Now Lucy Liu Will Love Me

TAN recently discovered Asians on the web ...

Secret Asian Man is a wonderful strip created by Tak Toyoshima that plays with issues of race and assimilation from an Asian perspective. Here are a few samples:

"SAM" recently went into syndication, and Tak discusses the significant of the achievement:

And with the addition of SAM to the line-up of comic strips available for daily syndication, we now have the first Asian American lead in a comic strip since the days of Bruce Lee (yes, he was Asian American) and Charlie Chan. Why is this a big deal? Maybe it isn't for some, but for me it's huge. And as one of those kids who grew up wondering where the Asian faces were in comics, besides the wonderful role model Ming the Merciless (WARNING! Rated R link!) it is an honor to provide one.

Check him out.

Tak Toyoshima [SecretAsianMan]

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  1. Oh man, this guy is EXCELLENT. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to his work. I will be following him. I love your content!


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