Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When Giant Negroes Roamed The Earth

Undercover Black Man has started a fascinating online course on the Giant Negro epoch in American history.

It sounds like the start for a little piece of satire or sketch comedy, but in fact, it's true! There was such a time:

"The Times first acknowledged the existence of these fearsome creatures on August 5, 1897. The headline was “Insane Negro Giant in Newark.”

Over the next four decades, the New York Times provided all the news that was fit to print about “giant negroes.” Articles with headlines such as these:

“Giant Negro Attacks Police.” [Sept. 24, 1900]

“Negro Giant Guilty.” [July 28, 1905]

“Armed Negro Giant Goes Mad on Liner.” [May 15, 1916]

“Seize Giant Negro, Hide Him for Safety.” [December 24, 1922]"

UBM has plenty more on this, but I'm a little sad I missed out on this overlooked (but glorious!) time in Negro history.

Attack of the GIANT NEGROES!! [Undercover Black Man]
(via racialicious)


  1. You haven't missed it; just flip on ESPN.

  2. Wow, amazing. By the way TAN, unfortunately you've been tagged.

    Check out for further instructions.

  3. The nagging question is where were these behemoths prior to then? I could only wonder how much suffering and a whole war could have been avoided if giant negroes walked on American soil from the start. I personally work with several and I couldn't imagine a white man telling them to pick cotton.

  4. Who knew giants were real?! I'm off to get some magic beans ...

    Haha seriously though nice blog. you should check out mine:

    I am "The Man": Musings of a White American Male

  5. OMG that is hilarious! I really like the blog!


  6. Does that Steven Spielberg movie about 'The Green Mile' count in this equation?


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