Friday, July 06, 2007

How About You Two Ladies Come Home With Me and Slap The Sh*t/Estrogen Out Of Each Other?

Does that sound nice? Yes? Good. Cause I don't want sex. I only want to watch you do this:
via Jezebel

Of course, like jazz, hip hop and Jessica Biel's ass, girl-on-girl bitchslap orgies are just another thing started by black people only to cross-over and be co-opted by the man:

This next one should be watched on youtube for the comment that offers this slap analysis:

"It wasn't fair b/c harlem kept turning her head as the slap came towards her while jersey kept her head straight..but jersey's slap got weaker as the rounds went on while h's slaps were consistant. I can't believe i'm commenting on this stupid crap LoL"

Yes, me neither. But let's check the video tape:

Maybe I need someone to slap some sense into me, but this is hot! Forget Claire Huxtable, I need me a Smackfest Champion type of girl. Holla!


  1. I dunno Tan. Yeah, a self confident woman is a BIG turn on, but do you really want a woman with the potential of kicking your ass ?

  2. First it's your face, next thing you know she's slapping your nugget pouch around.

  3. Anonymous7/06/2007

    this is gold.

  4. Anonymous7/06/2007

    Maybe Mrs. Huxtable would slap you . . . ??

  5. This is slightly arrousing, but then again I would only like to watch. But amazingly, I think this is a traditional game in some countries. You'd think it was American inspired sport.

  6. Anonymous7/06/2007

    wild ladies

  7. Anonymous7/07/2007

    The single most mind (and face) numbing thing I've seen all year. He condones this crap? Oh yeah, Hot 97.

  8. Damn Gina, I never knew such a thing existed!
    I've got a whole laundry list of people I'd like to bitch slap, I don't even need to get paid, either.
    The crack of the hand is satisfaction and prize enough.
    Maybe this is the next Fight Club!
    I'm on it!

  9. Stupid, stupid people. Thank god my mother wasn't one of those.

  10. Black culture on the skids. Where's the Drop Squad when you need them?

  11. Wow. I'm surprised that Hot 97 is doing this ish.

    go figure. all these ladies smacking the piss out of each other.


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