Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adopt Us For Status, Adopt Us For Love

The trend of accessorizing with african babies continues, and this recent essay from the NY Times Modern Love column attempts to give us a little more insight into the cloying psychology. I don't know, obviously I presume the adopters have good selfless intentions, and I would never not applaud someone saving a child's life. But big picture? I'm still torn. I suspect I won't be fully comfortable until we start scooping up some caucasians.

And not just one or two. We need a full out epidemic of black people -- preferably Africans of only a few years of age -- adopting caucasian american adults. I have a dream. Etc, etc.

Too Bad For Me That She Was So Well Loved [Modern Love, NY Times]


  1. Thanks for linking to the NYT essay. It was breathtakingly honest. Adoptive parents (I am one) hope that we are helping children, but most of us are also helping ourselves... to someone else's child.

  2. I loved the introspective NYT essay but not the other. Angelina can do no wrong (hell, I'd lez out for her for a minute). I think I'd be pissed if she doesn't have at least 2 black kids in the next 2 years. Zahara needs a sister dammit.

    As an African raised partially in America, I don't see a problem with this as long as a person's heart is in the right place. I trust that Zahara will turn out at least as well as the white one. Madonna is iffy though. If her record with religion and styles say anything, I'm guessing David will be in a shelter in a few years. Seriously, I have yet to see African-Americans adopting us. Some Western Europeans do it. Why should the East Asians get all the love?


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