Monday, October 08, 2007

National Holiday Review Board: Christopher Columbus

This is a little cumbersome, and I'm not big on the Sesame Street feel, but many valid points are made. Chief among them is that Christopher Columbus should be out. If Italian-Americans want a day, or a parade, we can work on that. But CC sounds like he was kind of a loser, certainly not a hero worthy of a holiday.

I think we should have a National Holiday Review Board with public appointees, and they can fix these oversights. Who's the guy who invented pizza? Surely he's as or more deserving than CC. Papa John's Day? Anyways, for now I guess I'll stick with happy murdering-rapist-who-accidentally-landed-somewhere-in-the-vicinity-of-Native America Day!

Happy Columbus Day

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  1. That sounds like a perfect name for today. I've got a question. When was the holiday's name changed fro Columbus Day to Discoverer's Day? Is that supposed to be more pc??

  2. When I lived in Berkeley, today's holiday was called, "Indigenous People's Day." This solution's heart is in the right place, but it trivializes the genocide of Native Americans.

  3. Yeah, fuck Columbus!
    He was a serious dick.

    I prefer 'Columbo Day'..
    (now that's a guy you can believe in¦:¬)

  4. White people were the original settlers of the continent before the arival of the"indians" who crossed over the Bering Strait from Asia. The whites belonged to the Solutrean culture from what is now southern France and northern Spain. They travelled from Europe via the Arctic Crescent and settled as far to the southwest in present day Clovis, New Mexico. The present-day ancestors of the "indians" slaughtered the indigenous Solutreans.

    Ergo, white people were the original settlers of the continent.


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