Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Try To Focus On The Letter From Bill Clinton To Jeremiah Wright, If You Can

I posted about the picture circulating with Bill Clinton and Jeremiah Wright and how that should effectively end the Obama/Wright drama (not that Obama didn't end it himself with his SPEECH), but now Alexis Stodghill at AOL Black Voices has unearthed a letter from Bill to Reverend Wright. I mean, again, at this point it shouldn't be a huge deal, but simply knowing that there can be all sorts of hubbub about Barack and Wright, without any reference to Clinton and Wright OBVIOUSLY having a relationship as well is kind of annoying with regards to fair balanced reporting etc. etc.

Of course no version of politics-by-association is as effective as sexy Halle wearing your t-shirt. Makes me want to put the "C" and "G" in "Change" if you know what i'm sayin'... and i suspect you do.

The Clintons: A Friend of Ref. Wright?
[AOL BlackVoices]
Obama-Chic [AOL BlackVoices]


  1. Anonymous4/01/2008

    Yes, the Clintons are backwards-azz-lying-mo-fos

  2. Anonymous4/01/2008

    Christ, what happened to Halle's baby weight?

  3. for realz. that is muy impresivo.

    maybe she should run for president?

  4. So yeah, a lot of people think that the clintons didn't introduce this whole Wright because they wanted to keep their hands clean of any "racial charging" of the race for candidate. However, I've always had a bit of a hunch that it was because they were actually hoping it would just blow over because they were in political bed with Wright as well. I mean it would not have hurt them at all to throw this thing into the political circle. I mean really, people expect people in politics to be assholes and do things like that. So all that BS about them worring about saving the Black Vote was crap. They lost that the second Obama started legitimizing his Blackness with his million year old african grandmother and all that...

    My Two Cents,
    ~H. Herald~

    PS. Please excuse the typos TAN. I'm not on my regular Mac... I'm Using a PC... Ugh!

  5. Wright said nothing MLK hadn't said, if one cares to dig up his speeches denouncing the American tradition of arrogance. Further, Wright's speech (in context and not with a couple of bites strung together) was an eloquent and loving rebuke of this nation, urging us to look inward and ask "why do the terrorists hate us?"

    Ah, well - politics - you aren't going to convince white rural PA voters of what they believe at this late stage. "Obama is a Muslim! And his name is so close to Osama - it's scary!"


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