Monday, April 07, 2008

Dear TAN: The Assimilated Downsy

I once started a neverending interview, but now we're switching to a "Dear TAN" feature. Send your questions/letters to theassimilatednegro [at] gmail [dot] com.

In this edition: The Assimilated Downsy (™) endorses Obama!

After posting the pitch-perfect "Color Me Blind" video, I e-befriended the writer/director Will Drinker. A short while later he sent me a longish video with footage of his brother, who has Down syndrome, going on a date. He asked about posting/promoting the vid, so i pulled a Michael Bay and suggested some things to spice up his brother's stuff.

the following is his most recent email to me:

Come on Tanny Boy,
You said you'd post something that was shorter, like a trailer. I think Dan's Obama Endorsement is better than a trailer, and it's short, political, moving, and will be enough to attract curious minds to his site. Dan Drinker is the Assimilated Downsy.

- Will


Dear Will,

I didn't respond in email, but as you can see, I am posting. For whatever that's worth. I think the vid is solid, but i am even more impressed and inspired by your pounding the inter-pavement on behalf of your brother. Incorporating your own interests of writing/filming etc with the love of your bro feels like what blogs, youtube and new media exposure/sharing is all about. Go you.

Also ... umm maybe see if you can get Lindsay Lohan to sing him happy birthday, naked, a la Marilyn Monroe.

And maybe give Dan a gun? if someone other than Obama wins people should know he means business. Maybe some Iraqi war footage could work there also.

Just spitballin' here. It's coming along great. You're gonna put the "Dan" in SunDance!

Good luck ....

(oh, and "tanny boy?" ummmm, let's talk about that in private before we install that as a term of endearment. thanks!)


here's Will's endorsement statement and video:

My brother has Down syndrome. He's heavily caught up in the current political race. We are both Philadelphia natives. I'd like to share with you his very brief but very moving endorsement of Barack Obama. I believe this is newsworthy because my brother, Dan is symbolic. His judgement of character is just as valuable as the most famous or respected individuals currently receiving press for endorsing a candidate. Please allow his honest voice to be heard. Find out more about my older brother's impact on the world around him and the documentary we're making together at

Thank you for your time,
Will Drinker

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  1. hi I'm new to your site and LOVE It. This video was awesome and made me tear up (i'm a self proclaimed water head).

    Do you think it would be ok if I posted it on my site as well. email me at if its ok.


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