Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Differences: Black Girl, White Girl

From the animated minds of the "Read A Book" PSA/video, Tyree Dillihay & Six Point Harness Studios, (fyi: I interviewed them and Bomani for King mag) comes the newest animated breath of fresh air for the ongoing dialogue on race. A series of shorts titled, "DIFFERENCES." Like most things that are awesome it is best explained by simply watching it:


  1. If I'm correct, I'm to take that to mean that my relationship with my future wife exists at least partially to save the world? That's pretty cool.

  2. ever seen the doll study from Brown v. Board? does anyone know a link to it?

  3. 'we are the world, we are the children' ~m. jackson....

    'can it all be so simple' ~wu-tang (in 2008? hmmm...if only)

  4. Being Puerto Rican in the 1980's SF Bay area had me fielding questions of mixed race more often than I was asked my name.
    At some point I learned my favorite response...

    "In the 1400s Spanish sailed on ships thru the Caribe. They later went to Africa where the Spanish Stole People from their home and moved them by boat ... I am Taino, African and Spanish."

    Kids and adults often disliked me.

    only the racist ones

  5. I Love this video.

    Hopefully non-threatening to anyone.

  6. cutest thing i've seen in so long!

  7. That video clip makes me feel even happier. Btw, 'black' girls are the most populair on my bLog. We Dutch are not a fuzzy about the subject as Americans seem to be. When former colonialists and post-nazi's can elect a woman for premier (Thatcher in GB) or president (Merckel in Germany), why not an import-negro in the USA for president? Things can't get more worse than they are now. Only better.


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  9. Anonymous2/13/2009

    "And then they threw the pictures [their families] away because it didn't matter."

    Yes, that'll work. The family is so... reactionary, so irrelevant to the glorious new era we're supposed to be entering.


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