Friday, May 02, 2008

Grand Theft Auto V: Children With Attitude

Here's some nice fodder for those arguing that Grand Theft Auto is going to destroy the planet. Of course with a 7-year-old black kid stealing and driving an SUV (his gradma's) you'd prob be inclined to blame the hippity-hoppity too, but I don't think that works here. Stealing cars, err carjacking, has been played out in hip hop (and jazz!) for a while now.

Incidentally will GTA IV be available on the Wii system? That'll be fun.


  1. Anonymous5/03/2008

    GTA on Wii? What a missed opportunity that was.

    All that poor kid wanted to do was be a hoodrat - let's hope and pray that in 20 years time, that same kid is embarrassed by his actions, not fulfilling a childhood dream. What ever happened to astronauts and veterinarians? *despairs*


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