Friday, October 05, 2007

King-Mag: Read A Book Interview

Been sitting on this interview with the creators of the "Read A Book" video for a minute. Today it runs on King.

I sort of enjoy the King synergy of it all, because the bouncing "book-booties" were def. one of the video highlights, and the "not a magazine" skewering specifically used "Blaxim" as a mag-parody, and no one fits the "Blaxim" description better than King.

And of course King gets the joke, and heeds the message. Unlike some people. Just makes a nice synergy for the interview ... or so I dream while watching R Kelly again and again and again.

So yeah, Read A Book interview ...

(I got a lot more from them also, so might post a Part 2/addendum or something next week maybe.)

Book 'Em [King-Mag]
Read A Book [TAN]


  1. Nice interview. I still think the video is great. (says the white girl)

    They should make one for the fair-skinned folks:

    Get off your cell phone…you’re in the same damned room.

    You’ve got a Lexus…big fucking deal.

  2. Linking this to

    good ish T.A.N.!


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