Friday, February 13, 2009

The Gapingvoid Collection

For those not familiar with the insular blogging world, Hugh Macleod of gapingvoid is an international man of mystery. He saves women from burning buildings, and breastfeeds African babies. He also blogs, consults, and draws these awesome little cartoons on the back of business cards.

Hugh was one of the ardent early TAN adopters, and he's done a couple business cards personalized just for me. Here's the most recent addition:

I like that one as it reminds me of one of my first posts, about the benefits of converting from "negro" to "assimilated negro". But does it beat the simplicity of his previous installment:

or the controversy of the one before that:

I don't know. Your thoughts, comments, preferences are appreciated.

Filling the Assimilated Void


  1. I like the philosophical bent of the first one. The second one is heterosexist and the third one suggests that the unassimilated negro is somehow inferior, which I don't think is in accordance with our TAN's thinking.

  2. mmmmm, heterosexism

  3. The one at the bottom gives me the heebie-jeebies

  4. Anonymous2/13/2009

    I like the top one the most.

    Numero 2: Heterosexist"? Yeah, it's tough be3ing an alpha-male...

    Numero 3: The cartoon works fine conceptually, however, if you didn't know Patrice or me (which is often the case when handing out business cards), or knew that we were friends, or at least, 2 artists with a lot of respect for each other, I could see it backfiring as an introduction.

  5. Anonymous2/14/2009

    I've read enough Gapingvoid to not be freaked out by any of them. The first is still my favorite; although I must admit I get a huge kick out of the 'let's have sex' one.

  6. Anonymous2/15/2009

    Def. go with the first one...

    go with the second if your really feeling cocky.

  7. Anonymous2/17/2009

    I think they're all hilarious. Yes, I agree that #2 is heterosexist but that doesn't make it not funny.


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