Thursday, August 17, 2006

Filling The Assimilated Void

Hugh at gapingvoid, who's been a big TAN supporter since Day 1, posted a business card-toon he made for me yesterday.

I do like it, Gawker hand-me-down status notwithstanding, and plan to enjoy the copious amounts of computer-coochie tossed at my server because of it.

Hugh actually sent me a different card idea maybe a month ago, and it was a bit more controversial. I fancy myself a steely-faced racial provocateur of sorts, but even I had to bat an eye at this one:

After getting some feedback, the second one felt like it'd be a bit awkward for 90% of the general public. But seeing both at the same time, it's sort of an interesting safe/edgy dichotomy.

I remain interested in responses to either card, but the second one in particular.

TAN Bizcard [gapingvoid]


  1. Wow, two of my fave blogs are connected :D . I dream of having a personalized Hugh business card, smeday perhaps.

  2. Anonymous8/17/2006

    use both - the first one on the front, the second one on the back :)

  3. David_mockba@hotmail.com8/17/2006

    Ask him to make a fusion.
    Put a handful of blond girls against the guy in the second card, with the headline "Negro assimilating."
    /Love yr. blog

  4. Anonymous8/17/2006

    yo my nigga TAN, holla back at this motherfucker if you feel you wanna team up on this blog game.


  5. TAN, my son, your lord and savior Black Jesus Christ highly recommends you take up Mr. Ed's offer.


  6. Print them both. Hand them out willy nilly.....

    ....although, the caption for number two that rings best for me is:

    Assimilated Negroes do it with a smile

  7. zennie8/17/2006

    If you plan on printing these and handing them out, consider this: When you hand the card to someone, it has context. Now imagine a second someone finding the card on the first someone's desk, or perhaps worse, having it fall out of the first someone's wallet in an inconvenient environment.

    I'm all for pushing the envelope of racial comfort, but you want a card that stands alone, because its function is representing you when you're not around.

  8. I like them both. I'd like the first one better than both if the guy was black. I say if you're going to let a thing hang out let it ALL hang out.

    I imagine a world where anyone seeing those would say "I don't get it."

  9. I think the first one is funny. the second one is more of an eyebrow crinkler. maybe it's too "meta" for me.

  10. can i get a t-shirt with that shyte!!?

  11. MizuWari8/17/2006

    The second one looks and reads almost like dude ATE an Assimilated Negro!

  12. Ohhhh so you're bringing in some competition I see. Uh huh. Yeah, I see how it is.

    ...nah, that's cool, I like gapingvoid... and yeah the first card reads better. On the other hand:

    Now imagine a second someone finding the card on the first someone's desk, or perhaps worse, having it fall out of the first someone's wallet in an inconvenient environment.

    Hehe. This makes me like #2 better.

  13. The second one seems best suited for t-shirt(s) worn at the company picnic.

    I'm a copywriter myself. So I can't help tinkering with the copy on the second one. Something like "Blend In" (then have your T.A.N. logo inconspicuously located in the card's far corner) is running through my head. Just a thought at first glance...

    And what is that Calderesque image in the right corner of the first card? The specter of cyber venereal disease?;-)

    [btw I just discovered your blog; very well done tan man]


  14. Anonymous8/18/2006

    Did you know that Gawker now archives all your comments and gives the date that you got your commenter status? So when I clicked on your name there, I got your whole oeuvre encapsulated?
    It made me laugh, anyway.

  15. The double meaning of the second one ("Tastes Great!", "Less Controversial!") tickles my anti-social funny bone.

  16. Gawkerhandmedownness notwithstanding, if it doesn't get you laid... you so deserve a dry spell.

    Anyway, I thought getting laid was the main objective, here. That's what being a young adult in NYNY is all about.


    Hell, I'd print up Number 2 as well... see what happens. Fuck 'em if they can't see the humor in it.


  17. hmmm...I'm a bit puzzled. This is tongue in cheek satire on racism, right? I was married once to this redneck, and his parents were always using the word "nigger." Finally I had enough, but being passive aggressive, I just asked them to please quit because I was 1/8 black and the racial slang really hurt my feelings. (I'm a mixture of lots, but no afro blood, athough sometimes I think that's a shame, I like the deepness known as "soul" of my friends.) The quit, but began encouraging their darling son to get a divorce because I wasn't "good enough." I left first, and shook the dust off my feet!

  18. The second one would be a scream on a T-shirt at a company picnic.


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