Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Ten Blog Commandments


It's the ten blog commandments!

can't tell me nothing about this content
these blogs
this media ...

for my creative peeps on the internet
i ain't forget you ….
i been in this game for years
your man tan's a caged animal
some blogs write rules
i'm a rap the manual
a step-by-step little ditty
from ny city
do as you please with
take it or leave it

rule number uno

make sure you know the odds
blogs assholes opinions
all number in the billions
go from yo mama reads
to obama reads
raise that flame up
or give this game up

number 2
don't sweat these blogs tethered to news
snoozy blah-blah
pseudo-intellectual stews
I went to hell again and back
for that adrenaline for blacks
tan: reverse em(inem), psycho-melanin attack

never trust no-bod-y
your girl will jump the tip-off
properly tipped off
next time she's ticked off
feeling shitty or pissed off
tmz be in the bushes
taking flicks of your dick soft

i know you heard this before
never get high on your own supply

this one's kinda hard to define
but like, i don't blog for hits
i blog to change your state of mind

number six
not giving credit
dead it
you think these big blogs giving you links back?
forget it

this rule is kinda underrated
but yo, isolate your niche
then you gotta dominate it
more than a blog and reason
that's the reason to blog
be a top dog
not a cog along for the jog

whether you blog for dreams or the green
best be better than a hype-hyping machine

might have been # 2 for you
don't follow ever latest social tool for you
just keep the lines genuine
don't litter the spot
you'll see intellect connects if you on twitter or not

whether you blog babies or fashion
have fun
make sure your posts don't taste like aspirin
if you ain't got the stamina
say hell no
peeps want they content
rain sleet hail snow

follow these rules you might make 20 dollars
if not, call your boy tan
just holla
live from the squalor
dropouts or in colla
eat this new version
of fried chicken with the collards
tan, walking off the cliff
i lead never folla
not in the van dolla
laying demos for mcdona
i swear it to your honor
wear it on my karma
every day i die
and come back tomorrow


1 - know the odds
2 - not just news
3 - can't trust people, sorry
4 - high on your own supply (egotism, narcissism, solipsism, etc)
5 - not just hits
6 - give credit
7 - know your niche, dominate
8 - not just hype-hype-hype!!!
9 - social tools are just tools
10 - have fun, stamina

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  1. Anonymous5/07/2010

    So does this mean you're going to stop selling crack and start blogging again?

  2. Ha. Yes, at least on the blogging issue.

    In today's economy you need as many revenue streams as possible....

    "and if you need money, sell rocks! heard that's what they do around here..."
    - Dave Chappelle

  3. DAMN SON I am retweeting this. I guess that's the blog equiv of remixing

  4. Anonymous5/08/2010


    "follow these rules you might make 20 dollars" is hilarious.

  5. thanks for the love, Slinky

  6. bloodbath325/11/2010



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