Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Who Will Star in America's Cutest Hip Hop Baby Video?

I have few words for this supernova of adorableness, except to say I may be pregnant with this two-year-old Rap Star

and also, this might be enough to get the "Who Will Be America's Cutest Hip Hop Baby Video?" competition started. I guess you have to set an age limit, and at two years old the homey above might just make the cut for the "Baby Division". (The four-year-olds might be licking their chops for his graduation though.)

On the more truly "baby" end of the field, your likely #1 contender is the Biggie Baby.

Can't front on the charm of "ok, ok, biggie is coming back...", but I think I give more points for actually rapping confidently, on beat, and unintelligibly.

I guess we'll get one more on here to make sure we got a full trend piece:

 solid effort from someone taking a nap at the start of the clip. but we'll have to view the rest of the field in competition to see where it stacks up in the final rankings. stay tuned!


  1. i have watched khaliyl probably 93 times in the past 24 hours. as you implied, there are no words. i may never be unhappy again.

    have showed this to multiple people who have responded with varying degrees of interest, adoration, and respect, and all sorts of comments. everyone loves the jammies. k should wear jammies all his rapping life. everyone loves the older brother's smile, though it looks a little sad to me. one person said he's the next kanye, and i said, nah, he's nothing like kanye. look at the sweetness! and he said, yeah, but in the sense that the lyrics may as well not be there.

    i'm starting an i love khaliyl fan club.

  2. also: that kid ain't really napping. he's hamming it up.


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