Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Finding That Manly Balance

Johnny Triangles had some interesting convo and links on the subject of manliness. I don't know how Maddox and his testament to testosterone never entered the conversation, but it still made me think about how manliness, for me, is a very yin-and-yang type of thing. There's a balance. I never get too far off the manliness trail, but I'm also never too firmly entrenched.

For example, I like girly drinks. Ketel 1 & Cranberry is my drink of choice. And it's primarily because cranberry tastes much better than vodka. I also prefer Mike's Hard line of beverages and Smirnoff Ices to Heineken, PBR, or Sam Adams.

But on the flip side, when I'm talking to a girl and she's disagreeing with me, I like to slap her real hard with the backside of my hand. Once if it's just a joke or something she didn't get. Twice if it's a serious matter.

So if that makes me some sort of girly-man metrosexual or something, so be it.


  1. i think you've found just the right balance - when a man steals my drink and then belts me reeeeeally good: just keeps me coming back for more.

    works like a dream every time.

  2. So that's where I've gone wrong with the ladies.

    Note to self: No more neat shots of bourbon. Slap the bitch.

    Got it.

  3. I love Mike's and ALL girly drinks.

    if we're drinking those, you might even get away with some slapping.

  4. Trust me, I may have been the one that raised the question, but I'm no portrait of manliness myself. I drink beer, scotch and bourbon drinks to put up manly appearances, but if I lived in a world that didn't judge, I'd drink nothing but Toasted Almonds and Amaretto Sours. In fact, I "pre-game" in private with girly drinks, then "man up" with scotch in public.

  5. Anonymous7/12/2006

    smiiiiiiirnoff iiiiiice



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